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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v2-c3

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 2 Episode 3
(The Despair of Those Who Are Being Summoned 3)

The 64th day, after being summoned to another world.

The morning sunlight came through the window. 
Laura and her sister were looking at each other and decided to knock on the door to Ryouma's room. 

*Ton Ton* 

In their hands they are holding a tray filled with breakfast that they had ordered from the innkeeper. 

Ryouma hadn’t left his room since last night, having ignored their invitation to have dinner as well as the snacks they had brought last night. The only responds they had gotten from him, was the faint sound of pages being turned that could be heard from inside his room. 
Fatigue was clear on the sisters faces, they had been worried about Ryouma, who seemingly was checking the book, as if possessed by something. 

*Ton Ton* 

They knocked on the door again, slightly harder this time. 
It was not the sisters' intention to disturb what Ryouma has been doing; however, they could not leave Ryouma in his room, when he hadn’t had anything to eat since last night’s dinner, nor had gotten anything to drink. 


They called his name fearfully. 
As expected, there's no answer from him, only the sounds of pages being turned could faintly be heard.

Finally, the sound stopped. 


"Indeed... I guess there's no other choice."  

After they looked at each other, they placed the tray that they held in their hands,  on the floor and turned their body toward the wooden door. 


Their body strengthened by training for years, easily blew the door off.


The room was dark. 
Despite the fact that sunlight was entering from the window, the room still remained entirely dark. 


Cautiously, Sara tried to call him. 

Ryouma who sat inside the room, hadn’t reacted when he sisters forced the door open, he just stared at the desk in silence. 
Due to him opened the pages of the book over and over again, the tip of the pages ended up looking worn out, and some part of the pages were wet due to sweat dripping on them. 
Numerous papers were scattered on the desk and the floor, on each of them were names written in small letters in order to have as much space to write on.

(This is... Did he write all the god’s names he remembered down, in order to check if they were listed in the book or not...)

Even with only a brief look, Sara could see more than a dozen of papers scattered around the room. 


Laura handed over two pieces of paper to Sara. 
The papers was tightly filled with names with horizontal lines crosses over each of them. 
And when she looked closely, the names written on were identically the same. 

"This is..." 

Toward Sara's murmur, Laura nodded her head. 

Ryouma wrote all the names of the Gods he could remember and checked whether it was written in the book or not, and then crossed them out if the name existed in the book.  
And then, when everything he had written was crossed out, he repeated the whole thing, in case there was a mistake, or he missed one of the names. 
Looking for hope that does not exist... He repeated his works again and again. 

"... None..." 

A small voice comes out from Ryouma's mouth. 


"I... Can't return home..." 

This time, his voice could be heard clearly by the sisters. 

"I can't return... I can't return... I can't return..." 

The words that come out from Ryouma's mouth gradually grew stronger. 
With the room being dark, the atmosphere turned gloom. 



The moment the sisters entered the room, they felt something uncomfortable. 
In the sisters' eyes, the image of Ryouma is someone powerful, calm, ruthless, but also kind. 
However, the Ryouma in front of them now, was fragile and unstable. 

The two sisters immediately embraced Ryouma’s head between their chest. 
Just like how one would comfort a baby. 

"It's alright. Ryouma-sama. We're both here. We will always by your side..." 

A long time passed before the dark and heavy air that drifted inside the room was gone. A calm breathing from a sleeping person, came from Ryouma that was between the sister's chest’s. 

"Sister. Should we carry him to bed?" 

Laura turned her eyes toward Ryouma when asking. 

"I guess so... Laura, try to carry that side." 

Even though Ryouma have a huge body exceeding 100 kg, the two sisters somehow managed to lay Ryouma on the bed.   

"From now on, what are we going to do?" 

Laura line of sight turned toward the broken door. 

"I think he won't be able to wake up until evening due to the fatigue from the all-nighter. We should talk to the innkeeper about the door and pay extra money..." 

Then Sara began talking in a hesitant manner. 

"Ryouma-sama can be quite scary..." 

"Indeed, however, that does not matter... Ryouma-sama saved us. That's why we belong to Ryouma-sama. We should devote ourselves to Ryouma-sama." 

"Un, I agree. Sister." 

After the sisters had exchanged their conversation, they turned their gaze toward their master who has been sleeping on the bed. 

(Where is this?)

Ryouma's consciousness was inside pitch darkness. 
A cold, dark space, which felt like it could freeze ones heart.

(I... That's right!. I was inside my room examining the book.)

Little by little Ryouma's consciousness becomes clear. 

"This place is within your mind." 

A cold robotic voice without emotion could be heard.

(My mind? Am I inside my consciousness? " 

"That's right." 

(But I did not say anything?) 

"This is inside your own mind after all. Something like spoken words is insignificant." 

(But you're talking you know?) 

"No, you are only thinking that I am talking as it makes more sense to you." 

(What are you?) 

"Me? Me huh? I'm someone close to you, an existence that understands you the most." 

(tell me!) 

"For now, you are good knowing just this much... One day, you will reach the answer yourself." 

After the voice said such word, it’s asked Ryouma a question. 

"What is your wish?" 

Ryouma thought for a moment about his strongest wish. 

(I... I want to return home. I want to see, Asuka, Grandfather, and my classmates... I want to go back to my original world.) 

"But that will not come true. Did you not confirm it yourself?" 

The heartless voice smashed Ryouma's wish. 

(I can't come back? Can't I go back to that life once again?) 

"You can't. Although the possibility itself is not 0. However, are you prepared to pay a great sacrifice? There's no other method other than clinging to your own luck. You should have understood this... Later, will you have the resolution to make a great sacrifice? Or will you end up giving up?" 

(Hah? What are you talking about?) 

Toward Ryouma's question, the voice continue talking, 

"You should understand everything already... It's just that you don't want to admit the answer." 

(I... I'm...) 

"If you unleash your rage, you can even destroy this world. Forced into this world, to this world to fight for them. All of this, whose fault do you think it is?" 

(That is... the old man and the people in that empire’s fault...) 

"Wrong... They are only part of the problem! The world is at fault. This twisted world which is filled with sacrifices made by the people from your world." 

The voice denied Ryouma's answer. 

(This twisted world?) 

"That’s right! This world was established with the premise of taking away! Kill... Violate... Taking and robbing what one would want. You have the right to do that!" 

(I have such right?) 

When Ryouma was about to nod his head toward the voice, another voice resounded within the darkness. 

“It's alright. Ryouma-sama. We're both here. We will always by your side”

It was a warm, soft and comforting voice. 
When he heard that, Ryouma lost his consciousness and disappeared from the world of darkness. 

"Fumu... You're leaving without freeing me huh?... Well, that's fine. Sooner or later, even if you don't want to, you will have to choose. Either to be accompanied by me or be swallowed by me... No matter what it’s your choice to decide, after all... I'm you..." 

In the darkness where Ryouma had gone, only the cold robotic voice could be heard.