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Monday, May 22, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v1-c22

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 1 E 22 - (Surprise Attack 2)

A violent wind that suddenly attacked, tore the tent to sheds, as if a massive sword sliced the tent in a single stroke. And after several seconds, the wind stopped and Saitou raised his body up.

"Your highness! Your highness!"

"I-I'm fine... What just happened?"

Sardina tried answering Saitou's words, but it was muffled as she had been protected by Saitou throwing himself over her.

"Your highness are you alright...?! Damn it, that bastard!"

After making sure Sardina was okay, Saitou directed he turned his gaze at Ryouma, where he saw a girl standing.

"Are you alright, Master?"

And that girl wrecked the handcuff using her sword.

"Yes. Your timing was perfect. You've saved me, Sara. Is Laura safe?"

"It's about time my older sister finished dealing with the soldiers outside. Just like master said, it was easy an victory against them."

"Ara~. I've already finished dealing with them, Master."

Saitou heard a voice from behind him.

"Your highness!"

Sardina reacted to Saitou's word, and hid behind Saitou's body.
His situation is just like an opposite side of the same coin. <TLN: Basically no matter where he was facing, there's an enemy in front and his back.>

"Are you alright Laura?."

"Yes. Since it was done in immediately after I've used the wind magic. After all the soldiers, didn’t seem to be expecting an magical attack, rather they seemed to be guarding against monsters instead."

Hearing Laura's statement, Saitou raised his voice. "Impossible! A magical attack?!"

This situation was unexpected for Saitou and Sardina. After all, they had not been expecting the person they pursued to have companions. Much less anyone capable of using magical arts.
Since there are not many people, who can use magic, those who serves the empire immediately gains the same ranks knights, if not higher.
As for mercenaries and adventurers, they are people that can be considered first class.
Being able to use magic art, usually made them equal to no less than five warriors.
And Gaies whom Ryouma had killed, had been compared to a whole army.

Of course, just because one person can use the destructive power of magic, it does not mean that it guarantee victory, Ryouma being able to kill Gaies can be regarded as a proof of that.
Either way, it was impossible for a person that had just been summoned from another world, seven days ago to have learned how to use magic arts, and it was unthinkable for the same person to have become acquainted with someone who knew how to use it.

"You! who in the world are you guys...?!"  Hearing Sardina's question, Laura readied her sword while answering the question.
"We're someone who serves master. Masters enemies are our enemies."

(This girl! She...)

Looking at Laura's stance, Sardina's intuition alerted her of something.
Even among her subordinates only a few of them have such mastery in swordsmanship.
Although without a doubt, ability wise Sardina was still better.
However, within Laura's eyes, she could feel the resolution showing that she was prepared to die, as long as she could take Sardina with her.
And Saitou could feel the same determination from Sara.

(What's going on... Why are they willing to go that far for this guy? It’s only been 7 days since he was summoned to this world!)

For Sardina, the order to catch Ryouma was important, but now the question was if Sardina could survive this, which was in stark contrast to them originally thinking that this mission shouldn’t have possessed any real danger.
Both Saitou and Sardina, are very important people for the Empire.
They are meant to be part of the future of the Empire commanding the battlefield.
They cannot afford to lose their lives just because of a single otherworlder.

"Saitou... We should withdraw for now."

It was the decision that she come up with after calculating the various losses and gains within her mind.
Sardina muttered it to Saitou with a small voice, as to not making it easily heard by Ryouma and the others.

"Yes. Since such an unexpected situation has unfolded, we have no choice other than withdrawing... However, will they let us go easily just like that?"

"Indeed. However, this is not the place where we should die. With Gaies being dead, and then us as well on top of that, the Empires power will decline too much... If that happens then..."

“The occupied and the surrounding nations will take revenge...”  That would the payment for invading neighbouring countries.

"If you want to withdraw, then I don't mind you know?"

Ryouma's words immediately shook up the situation that had turned into a stalemate.
It was Saitou who responded first.

"Don't be stupid... There's no reason for us to withdraw here! We will bring you to the imperial capital, along with those two women as well."

"Hee? Are you both going to risk your life just to capture us?"

An expression of ridicule appeared on Ryouma's face.

"I can see if a person has the courage to risk their life or not just by looking at their eyes, you know?"

Eyes are as eloquent as the tongue.
From their gaze, gestures, and glint within their eyes, the inside of human mind can be seen through.
Just like how Saitou had read Sara's mind that she's prepared to die just by looking at her eyes, it's not weird for Ryouma to be able to do so as well.

"Then, what is your intention? Killing us, was that not your goal?"

"Well sure. That was my original intention. But the situation changes..."

Ryouma then shrugs his shoulders.

(As expected... This person was planning on killing us … No wonder that he was willing to get caught so easily...)

Sardina felt cold sweat running down her back.
This is the real reason of the bad feelings that they had felt a while ago.

(Certainly, his measures are effective. We thought that the other person tried to escape, never in our wildest dream would we have thought, that the hunted person would turn their fangs toward us instead.)

And as the result of having been out maneuverer, most of their soldiers were scattered throughout the forest, and magical arts had annihilated those that guarded the camping ground.
Had Saitou intuition not kicked in, Sardina might also have died due to the surprise attack.

(However, this situation... when three against two, they should have the advantage. It is not impossible to kill us if he were to sacrifice the two girls, but why?)

"I see... You don't want to fight huh."

Listening to Saitou's words, Sardina opened her eyes wide.
Why would someone like the otherworlder, not want to fight in this situation?
Since Saitou and Sardina was his original target, the only reason should be those two.

"Well, that's how it is... The two of them are willing to put their lives for me you see."

Ryouma's line of sight is being directed toward Sara and Laura.

"No matter how high the possibility for me to survive, I won't be able to kill the both of you without sacrificing one or perhaps both of them."

(I see if that is the case then we should use those women as a shields. But no, in this situation, it would be impossible. Furthermore, he does not seem to be a person who sacrifices his life for the women...)

"Your highness. For now, we have no choice..."

Saitou's advice was similar to what Sardina had in mind.
There's no other way around it, no matter how much they think about it.

"Very well... We will withdraw here. Saitou put your sword back."

Responding to Sardina's instruction, Ryouma also gave instructions to Laura and Sara.

"Laura, Sara, withdraw!"

Listening to Ryouma's order the two of them put their sword away and walked toward Ryouma's side.
However, they still showed the intention of being Ryouma's shield the moment Sardina made any suspicious movement.

"You don't have to be that cautious. In the name of the first imperial princess of Ortomea Empire, we shall withdraw here."

Even with such words coming from Sardina, the girl's attitude does not change.

"Sorry about that."

Yet Ryouma still minded the sister's attitude.
And apologized toward Sardina.

"Well, that's fine. Although we will withdraw now, we won't stop our pursuit in the future, you know?"

As for that, it was natural.
The reason why Sardina gives up capturing Ryouma now, is simply because the situation is too disadvantageous.
In the extreme case, if there were dozens of soldiers in this place, then it would be unthinkable that Sardina would withdraw.

"Well, I guess that's pretty obvious. Since from your point of view, I'm a criminal after all."

Ryouma said those words calmly.

"However, I have no intention to get caught by you? Killing that gramps or wanting to kill both of you, I never consider them as something wrong. So I don't mind for you to chase after me, put your life on the line and come!"

Listening to Ryouma's statement, Saitou, being unable to hold his patience asked a question.

"Back in Japan, were you a criminal?"

Saitou simply had to know.
He was wondering how a person who had been summoned not long ago from Earth, was able to adapt to this world rule immediately.
Where in this world strength is everything, survival of the fittest.
There's nowhere in this world where sweet words such as 'human right' can be heard.
If one does not want to be trampled over, the only way is to become strong.
Saitou realizes these after he was being summoned by Gaies, and spend years being thrown into war, killing other people while smeared by mud and blood.
It was an entirely different life compared to what Saitou had on Earth.
That's why it was surprising to him, that Ryouma who had just been summoned one week ago, was able to think in such a way.

"Ha? What are you talking about?  I mean if it's something along the line of having urinating outdoor then yes."

"No. What I meant is something much more serious…   have you ever committed anything like a murder?"

"Don't say something that absurd old man. I'm just your ordinary high school student. Well, I do have some knowledge of the ancient martial arts. But being a murder, impossible!  My criminal record is clean!”

"Then how? How are you able to remain calm after killing someone? Have you never thought something like that as horrifying or wrong?"

Ryouma answered Saitou's question after brooding a little.

"I would like to ask something to you. Do I have to feel sorry for someone who tried to infringe my freedom and sacrifice my body as a pawn?"

Ryouma continued his words even when Saitou shows an astonishing face.

"I never felt anything like that After all, it was just me tried to defend myself against an opponent who tried to infringe my freedom. It is stupid for a person who is getting hit yet not hitting them back. And because I follow that logic, I usually don’t beat anyone, as I don’t want others to beat me up. However if it is to defend myself, I will retaliate, there is nothing wrong with that!"

After declared those words, Ryouma looked at Laura.

"Well now... This is not the time for me to talk about my philosophy of life... Laura."

Ryouma nodded towards the entrance of the tent.

"If we take too much time talking, soldiers might come back to this camping ground. I will go cross the border immediately alright?"

When they were about to head out of the tent, Laura kept an eye on Sardina and Saitou, since she didn’t trust Sardina’s words.

"Very well. Go... But, never forget this. The Empire won't let you escape forever. You will never step your foot into the Empire territory again."

Sharp light appears within Sardina's eyes.

"Run away as best as you can. Soon, the western continent will be united under our Empire. When that is the reality, then there won’t be no place left for you to live!"

Sardina shouted such words at  Ryouma who was leaving  the tent.

"Is that so... If that's the case then, I will simply return to my original world before that happens."

Ryouma said those words without turning around and disappears into the forest.