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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v1-c15

Editor: Thorrium.

CHAPTER 1 E 15 - (Readiness)

Night at the Malvern Town.
Ryouma had finished his hunt and arrived at his first destination Melveren, at around 7:00 in the evening.
It takes 3 hours to travel the 11km that was between the imperial capital and Melveren on foot.
However, due to Ryouma having to hunt for the wild animals, he arrived quite late.

"Fuu, At least I've arrived."

As expected, travelling with alone without any acquainted is lonely, only being able to talk to himself.
Even though only one day had passed, having him getting teleported from the world where he born and raised in, to another world, even someone as pragmatic as Ryouma would feel lonely due to being isolated from everything he knew.

(Is it about 100km from here to the border?)

If he were to mount a horse, it would take him between 4 and 8 hours if he rode hard, however, on foot assuming he walked 3-4km per hour, and walked 10 hours each day, it would take him 3 days, if he walked more leisurely it would most likely take him 7 or 8 days.
Ryouma could feel the hunger, but thought about the heavy backpack, slowing him down. Ryouma’s backpack had been filled with materials gathered from hunting.
(Hm before finding something to eat, I should first go and report the quests to the guild....).
So Ryouma walked on towards the tows guild.

"Please handle this."

"Certainly. Please wait for a minute in order for us to confirm it.”
The receptionist examined the letter handed by Ryouma from both sides for any damage or signs of tampering.
“Hmm… It seems like everything is in good order. The seal does not seem to have been tampered with."

"This is good. As there’s no problem I will add 5 achievement point. Did you also finish the subjugation requests?"

Ryouma nodded.  "Yes. Please do take care of it as well."

"Certainly. Err... the number of stray wild dog subjugated is 54, the number of subjugated wild bi’s is 94, and the number of the wild rabbits subjugated is 22....” The receptionist thought to herself, while seeing the numbers on the card. (My lord, what in the world has he been doing!)
“Thank you very much, you have hunted quite a bit…"

"Indeed, thanks to it I lost the sharpness of my sword which I bought yesterday, due to the blood and fat. I would like to have it sharpened again immediately."

A surprised expression appeared on the receptionist face due to Ryouma nonchalant remark.

(This person. Did he hunt all of this with that swords, and in only one day? I thought he was using magic to do this... this is not the usual strength of a level 1 adventurer!)

Based on the card, she could see the quest information, which clearly stated that all the request were accepted on the same day, the day before.
Ryouma did not notice her gaze and continued.

"Is there a blacksmith in this town who I can ask to sharpen this?"

"Emm... after you leave the guild head straight onto the main street, then turn left..."

"Is that so? Then I will go there later, by the way is everything done here?"

Being questioned by Ryouma, she once again remembered her work.

"Ah! I-I'm very sorry, yes. The reward for subjugating this types of monster are 3 baht, so wild dogs is 3 baht for each one, resulting in 162 baht. You get the same reward for the wild bis, so for the 91 your reward will be 273 baht. And lastly the reward for the 22 wild rabbits will be 66 baht, totalling to 501 baht. And since the achievement points rewarded for subjugated these monsters is 1 per monster, you will be rewarded with 167 points.
Congratulation Mikoshiba-san. You've been promoted to II rank."

(I was registered yesterday, and already ranked up huh?)
To be honest, Ryouma wasn't very happy about it, because it happened so fast he didn’t have a hard time ranking up. So it was natural for him to be enjoying it.

"You don't seem to be happy about it?"

His emotion was reflected on his expression. Ryouma then answered the receptionist question reception frankly.

"It's not like what you think, it's just.. to be honest, I didn’t have any trouble, so I am unsure how hard it really is… that's why..."

"I guess so... Something like this happens occasionally, usually people can be separated into 2 groups. One group having been training before the registration, people of this group often rank up to G rank within a week."

"Is that how it is?"

"Indeed. While on the other hand, ranking up to II is quite a turning point for a total amateur".

"Fuun. I see..."

What Ryouma did not know was, that most beginners fail when they try and fight alone against a group.
And many monsters in the forest lives in groups. When one begins to hunt, it's pretty normal for them to avoid fights against several monsters at once.
Because of that, the guild recommended new adventures to form a parties, however not everyone was able to form a party.
Some due to the difference in abilities… others were unable to simply their personalities made them unable to work in groups…  or there might be other various reasons which might make one unable to become part of a party, which forced them to take on a quest alone.
But the people who has the highest difficulties to enter a party is the totally beginners.
Beginners who has not received any formal training before registration, is especially disliked. The reason for that is because the weak beginners are a risk who can jeopardize even the experienced adventure in a battle of life and death.
That's why many beginners right after registering in the guild, apart from those who's fortunate enough to form a party with fellow beginners, will go undertake a quest alone. 
Hence most beginners will search for monsters who act alone. However the numbers of monsters who get separated and stays away from the group is very low. If an adventure were lucky they might find 2 or 3 after an entire day, of crawling through the forest searching.

Thus the reason why the receptionist said that the beginners can usually be separated into two groups.
Those who can only fight one-on-one must search thought the forest desperately, while those who can fight against a groups like Ryouma can rank up within days. .

"By the way Mikoshiba-san, did you save the skins and fangs from the monsters?"

"Indeed. It took me a while to dismantle the animals, I'm going to bring them to the magic shop after this."

"If that is the case, then why don’t you accept some procurement requests?"

"Procurement is it?"  Ryouma looked puzzled at the receptionist.

"Indeed. Although the price would decrease compared to bringing it directly to the magic item shop, I would suggest it since you would also gain achievement points this way"

"Hee, is that how it is?"

Ryouma took interest in her words. He's a man that loves self-benefits.

"Yes. Do you know about the rules, in regards to accepting a request in the same rank or lower than your own?"

He already heard it during the registration "Well yes, what about it?"

"The truth is, if you accept a request one rank bellow your own, you won’t be able to receive any achievement points, but the monetary reward is doubled".

This was new information, it was not mentioned inside the
Guild beginner guide book .


"Thus those who are skilled are steadily increasing their rank, and are  able to make a decent profit by taking quest bellow their own rank."

"I see!"

(If that is the case, getting a rank up is not bad at all. Should I put in more effort?)

"I understand. The information desk is on the first floor right?

"Yes. It's in front of the stairs after you go up."

Ryouma then bowed his head and immediately went upstairs.

"Hello. Do you wish to receive a quest ?"

"Yes please. I would like all the procurement request, where you need to acquire the materials from wild dogs, wild bi's and wild rabbits."

The receptionist bowed a little, before explaining the possible quests Ryouma could accept.

"Hmm. Wild dog's fangs are worth 2 baht while the fur is worth 5 baht. The wild bi’s poisonous stinger is worth 2 baht, while the wings are worth 5 baht. The wild rabbit’s ears are worth 1 baht while the skin is worth 5 baht. Each good is rewarded with 1 achievement point, and there is no time limit, the quest will finish when you have delivered the requested goods…"

"Please let me accept all of them."

"Understood. Thank you very much."

After leaving the receptionist counter, Ryouma returned to the underground delivery counter.

"Did you receive the quests?"

"Yes. I've received all of them."

When Ryouma said so, the receptionist showed a troubled face.

"Eh? You accepted all of them?"

"Yes? Was it bad?"

"No. But, If Mikoshiba-san were to deliver all of the material and ranked up to single H rank, the achievement points for the remaining goods would be zero points remain you know?"

Hearing that, Ryouma thought about his situation.
If I were to rank up to single H rank, the achievement value clear point would become 0.
If one can't get achievement points rather than delivering the goods to the guild, it would be more profitable to sell it at the magic item shop directly.

Ryouma looked at the clock hanging on the guild wall, which pointed at 20 o'clock. 

(Well whatever... I'm already starving, and there's a little time left before night... by the time I have gone to the blacksmith and have had my sword sharpened, and found an inn to eat at, the time would already be 22 o'clock.)

"This time it’s fine, I will deliver all of them here."

Although cancelling the quest is possible, but doing so it would cost him achievement points thus, turning it into a bit of an complex situation. If he were to make several adjustments he might be able to earn achievement points without wasting any; however, he was unable to fight the growing hunger.

"I understood. Then please put the delivery goods here. "

Ryouma then opened his backpack and spread the goods on the counter.

"Don't joke with me!"

The voice of an angry man could be heard from the first-floor counter desk.

"We risked our lives to complete the quest! And yet what do you mean there's no money?!"

Ryouma then finished his quests and ranked up to single H rank.
At the time Ryouma was about to leave to find a place to eat, when he saw the man yelling earlier.
The man was wearing iron armour with his long hair being tied behind. The one who kept him company was the young man who gave Ryoumas the quests earlier as well as a middle-aged man.

"As I informed you just now!, since the subjugation target was wrong I cannot gives you the reward, and since the quest period has already expired, I must ask you to pay the compensation cost!"

The young receptionist who looked rather weak talk back to the big man with a resolute attitude.

"What are you saying! I searched around desperately and finally found the target you know!?"

The middle-aged man answered promptly. "Graez-san, As I said before! It is unfortunate, but you have to check properly beforehand!"

"You bastard! you're just a guard!" The young man yelled at the elder man.

"Graez-san. As a mercenary, you have a very high reputation. However, your competence as an adventurer don’t see to be very good. This time you accepted the subjugation quest of the [Red Moon Group]. But because of inadequate investigation, you accidentally subjugated thieves instead."

The young man turned his gaze to the middle-aged man.

"Giltz-san also warned you that you should have searched and investigated it more carefully. There's no doubt that Graez-san had suppressed a thief instead. Information have arrived that a village was attacked by the [Red Moon group] a while ago and they kidnaped several of the villages young women."

The young man called Graez looked straight at the receptionist with a piercing gaze.

"Of course I won't say that all of this happen because of Graez-san. However, had you done it properly then this damage probably wouldn’t have happened! Are you still dissatisfied with the guilds judgement in this regard?"

The receptionist words stabbed like a knife.
Graez who got told off, dropped his shoulders. He didn’t seem stupid enough to continuing pursuing the matter. He appeared to realize that he was at fault.

"Khu... Sorry... I understand... I will pay the penalty cost."

The young receptionist expressions relaxed at this point.

"I'm sorry. Graez-san. I've said too much. I beg your pardon."

The young man lowered his head toward Graez.

"I'm the one who's wrong. I'm sorry... I accepted it due to the lower rank but, I guess a mercenary trying to mimic an adventurer is impossible huh, please deduct the penalty cost from my account."

After saying that, Graez left the guild slumped over.

(A request quest which takes other's life huh?)

This incident that occurred by chance gave a strong impression to Ryouma.
Ryouma realize his own naivety, he had thought of the request as something similar to an event in the games he used to play.  That's why he didn’t think much about cancelling the accepted quest earlier.
Noticing Ryouma's gaze, the young receptionist came over to him.

"Mikoshiba-san. Is there something wrong?"

"Ah, no, I just finished the procurement request quest today, and about to get some rest at the inn, I'm planning to take another quest tomorrow."

Ryouma answered the young man who for some reason had an overwhelming feeling around him, the young man quickly showed a smiling expression which was in stark contrast to the grim expression a while ago.

"I see. You saw the just now, were you surprised?"

"Well, yes... it was new to me."

"Something like that, it happens quite often you know..."  The young man expression turned cloudy.

"An unfulfilled quest?"

"Yes. When one are unable to get a grasp on their own quality and experience, they will end up like Graez-san just now. That person is a very skilled mercenary, there's nothing wrong with his battle capability. However, he's not a very good investigator, nor do he excel at searching and hunting. Although he could always cover those areas if he joined a party with other adventures…."

"I see. If one is unable to do it by themselves, they could just invite another person who can, is that it?"

The young man expression loosened after listening to Ryouma's answer.

"Fufufu. You're a smart and honest person, aren't you? Please do your best in the future alright?"

"Sure. Thank you very much."

The young man tried to leave the place while smiling at Ryouma, but then stopped his feet as he thought of something and looked back.

"Aah! Right... About the [red mood group] a while ago, they seemed to have made their base of operation, somewhere near the highway and the village between Aru and Melvaren. Please do be careful if you go to that area."

Ryouma gazing at the back of the young man while bowing.
(There thieves in the direction of Aru he said...)
The Aru area... It is one of the towns along the highway from the imperial capital to the eastern border, it was also the name of the town which Ryouma had set as his next destination.

Ryouma left the guild, and while his stomach was still growling he needed to get his sword sharpened.
"This is not good! It would be cheaper for you to buy a newer one, you know?"

After Ryouma had handed over the sword to the blacksmith for sharpening, the blacksmith looked it over, before coming with an professional opinion.

"I guess it's impossible huh?"

"Yes. To Begin with, how did you use this one? The blade has gone completely blunt, you know? If it's like this, then it's no different than a stick!"

(This is bad... to think that I broke it on my first day of using it...)

Ryouma is definitely someone who is accustomed to handling blades more than the average human being.
However, he has no experience cutting meat with a blade.

"Err... I used it for hunting but..."

"This blade have been clothed with blood and fat to the point of it being almost useless, when was the last time you maintained this sword?"

"Emm, I just used it today. I just bought the sword yesterday..."

The blacksmith glared at Ryouma.

"Don't be stupid. Cutting ten or twenty times won't make it end up like this, you know? It would need more than 100 strikes..."

However, the blacksmith realizes after seeing Ryouma face.  "This is... you are serious?"


"There's nothing wrong with the sword, and it has a superior quality, you know? but this house is more specialized on casting see?"

Ryouma had already looked around and had understood it since the moment he entered the shop

"Well, the swords in itself are good, can I have a reasonable one, please? And also, can you sharpen these as well?"

Ryouma then handed over the ten chakrams that had been used, and were clothed with blood and fat.

"What the heck is this? Is this a bladed tool as well?"

"The edge of the ring is the blade."

He guesses that the blacksmith saw it for the first time. The blacksmith seems to be interested and picked up the wheel chakram.

"Well this is not as bad... what time do you want the job finished?"

"Before tomorrow morning if possible."

"Hmm, let see, I guess it would take one hour, so I might be able to finish it before 10 o'clock tomorrow, are you  fine with it?"

(10 o'clock huh? Well, I will relax a bit at the inn and go to the guild to get new quests, after that I will just come here I guess?...)

"I understand. Please do so. How much was it?"

"Well looking at it... including with buying a sword, how about 400 Baht?"

That amount is not a problem for Ryouma who earned over 2000 Baht today from the subjugation and procurement quests.

(I guess this is because the casted sword is cheaper compared to the sword I bought at the imperial capital huh?)

"Understood. I will come back tomorrow at 10 o'clock then."

He paid half of the sums and left the blacksmith shop.

(First of all, I need some food...)

Feeling hungry, Ryouma vanished into the town of Melveren.