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Friday, April 21, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v1-c14

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 1 E 14 - (Pursuers)

"Everyone, Due to the disturbance, a new order had been made!" <Rolph>
Mid-day, during an intense sunlight, Rolph loud voice could be heard from the square in front of the castle gate. 

"Sardina-sama, Seria-dono, Orlando-dono, and myself will be the commanders, each of us will be allocated 30-40 person, and we will then divide and search toward eastern and southern border. the formations will be notified beforehand. Also, as everyone already knows, the culprit is some otherworlder who killed Gaies-sama. So, everyone should be exerting maximum caution. Well then, everyone begin making the preparations to move!" <Rolph> 

While the soldiers are being organized, Rolph thought back to what had happened last night.

After Mikoshiba Ryouma sneaked out from the castle gate.
Seria, Rolph, Orlando, Sardina, the four people were given the task to pursue him, and they attempted do so from the afternoon till night, however they could not find anyone wearing the castle guard armour outside of the castle. 

"What's going on?!" <Seria>

Seria's angry voice roared in front of the castle gate. 
The reason for her being like that is because, was that the imperial guard soldiers who had been scattered in all directions, had returned without any result. 
No one was able to catch anyone; thus they all bow their head. 
After all, the only clue they currently possess, as that that the person who left the castle gate most likely left while wearing guard's armour. 
The time it took for Seria and the others to get permission and organize the soldiers was 20 minutes.
Since then they had been searching 10 hours straight until midnight, which had given them no results. 

"Calm down. Seria-dono." <Sardina>

"Sardina-sama..." <Seria>  Seria lowered the tone of her voice. 

Sardina's looked around.

"Let's end this for today, after all; everyone looks exhausted..." <Sardina> 

No soldier blatantly said it, but the accumulated fatigue could be seen on their expressions. 

"However... If the situation continues like this then..." <Seria>

Seria tried to protest; however, Sardina did not back down. 

"Even though we only do it around the imperial capital, it is dangerous if we continue the search in the middle of the night. We should reconsider out possibilities, and then start over tomorrow." <Sardina>

"Indeed. Just like Sardina-sama said. We should end the search here for now. How about it? Seria-dono." <Rolph>

By saying it like that Rolph didn’t leave any reasonable way for Seria to argue.
He knew that she had to pushed a bit as she would be unable to accept that the criminal who murdered her blood relative, still wasn’t captured. 

"Orlando-dono, please escort Seria-dono to her mansion. Gaies-sama has just passed away, and Seria-sama have experienced quite a tough day." <Rolph>

"No I am alright. I can go home alone!" <Seria> 

Seria refused Rolphs concern. 
However, the surrounding people knew that she was just bluffing. 

"You should not overdo it you know Seria-dono? Orlando-dono, please take care of Seria-dono." <Sardina>

"Understood!... Please follow me Seria-dono..." <Orlando> 

Orlando immediately responded to Sardina's words; and then grasped Seria’s hand. 

"Orlando! Let go of me! I can return alone!" <Seria>

However, just when she pulled her hand, Seria lost her balance and collapsed unconscious. 
Of course, that was understandable, after all she has been searching for more than 10 hours without taking any breaks. In the end, Orlando carried Seria back to her mansion. 

"Sardina-sama. What do you think about all of this?" <Rolph>

"Well no matter what anyone says, I guess this is impossible..." <Sardina>

Toward Rolph question, Sardina immediately gives him her answer. 

"As expected, it's impossible huh..." <Rolph>

"Yes… Giving chase is only valid in the first 10 or so minutes after the culprit left the castle gate." <Sardina>

"Still... even with everything being organized, it was impossible to do..." <Rolph>

Hearing Sardina's words, Rolph showed a bitter expression. 
He can usually feel pride in knowing that he his best, however being unable to catch the criminals makes it all meaningless. 

"I know. And there is no one who blames you. Rolph-dono." <Sardina>

Sardina then moves her gaze toward the forest. 

"In the first place, I was already feeling doubtful that we would be able to arrest the person inside the imperial capital. His face and age are unknown to us. It would be still possible if he were to walk around wearing the imperial guard armour...." <Sardina>

"Does that mean he is no longer wearing the armour?" <Rolph>

"There's that possibility..." <Sardina>

Sardina nodded answering Rolph question. 
(If it were me, I would immediately change my clothes... after all, that what the pursuers will be looking for.) <Sardina> 

"So then, what shall we do after this?" <Sardina> 

"I guess the only way is for us to blockade the borders..." <Rolph>

Sardina shook her head in disapproval. 

"No, we will advance toward the border while searching as well. " <Sardina>

"But... Which border should we go?" <Rolph> 
Rolph concern is of course understandable. For starters, the Ortomea Empire is vast; it can be considered among five largest countries on the continent. 

However, because this country is landlocked, and have been the aggressor in former conflicts, all the neighbouring nations are hostile.

This time we can organize search parties of around 150 people, we can do this because there are soldiers who have been stationed on the borders to defend against the neighbouring countries. They are needed as we can't mobilize the Imperial Guard, they need to tend to their primary duty; protecting the emperor and be ready for grand mobilization. 

"For now I can narrow it down to two choices." 

Rolph looked at Sardina with a surprised expression. 

"Two choices you say? Does Sardina-sama mean the east and south?" 

The distance between imperial capital and the borders appeared in Rolph's mind.

Since she said two choices, it would be natural to think about the closest borders which are the southern one, followed by the eastern border. 

"Indeed. However, I would focus on the east." 

"May I ask you why?' 

Sardina responded with a smile. 

"If I must say it, well it's just my intuition. However, I doubt the otherworlder will try and cross the borders immediately." 

Sardina turned to Rolph and said, 

"After all the person is someone who managed to escape from the castle and shake off our pursuit." 

"Is that what you mean. Sardina-sama thinks that the otherworlder knows about the geography...?"

Rolph expression while saying that, showed that he thought of it as impossible. 

"That's one of the possibility..." 

"But then, if that's the case then why not chose the closest one? If it were me, I would not choose the eastern border when the southern is closer" 

If it were Rolph, he would choose the shortest route. Since one's life is in danger, of course one would want to escape as quickly as possible. There's no reason to choose any routes that are longer intentionally. 

"Indeed. If the purpose only thought about escaping, then the south would be better. However, that would be easy for us to predict then." 

"So you think, that the person thought that we would predict that he would go south, and therefor he choose to go east? It can't be..." 

A troubled expression shows on Sardina's face. 

"Rolph. I also don't want to give into needless fear. However, so far it everything that has happened was outside what we thought possible. If I were to make light of such an opponent, that person might escape outside the country." 

Rolph  thought about it for a bit, before replying. 

"Indeed... However, I'm unable to abandon the south..."

He judged the possibilities realistically. 
He thought that even though there was flaws with going east, it was also quite possible. 

"I understand what you're getting at. Since it was my intuition that told me to head east... Seria-dono, Rolph-dono, and Orlando dono the three of you shall head south while I will head east." 

"Indeed, that would will be for the best... however, why not divide into two going south and going two east.?" 

His suggestion was reasonable; it would make sense to divide the unit in half. 
However, Sardina shakes her head listening to Rolph suggestion. 

"No, after all the I will only be going East because of my intuition. Besides, I'm worried whether Orlando or Rolph-dono will be able to suppress Seria as she is feeling right now... Either way, I also already have an excelled deputy, so I should be fine..." 

Rolph then remembered how Seria the "snowstorm Princess" went into a frenzy shouting and rushing around earlier.

(Certainly... as Her Highness said, if it's only Orlando-dono or I, we might be unable to suppress Seria-dono... Well, besides, that guy is with her, so her Highness should not end up in danger) 

After listening to Sardina words, Rolph immediately agreed. 

"I understood. Then we will organize the unit according to that plan." 

"I leave it to you then. Rolph-dono." 

After Rolph had lowered his head, he forced his tired body to move and re-organized the unit while pulling an all-nighter, all for the sake of catching just one otherworlder. 


One of his adjutants came for to report how the unit status were. "Rolph-sama! the soldiers have finished their preparation and are ready to move immediately. " 

"Finally, Sardina-sama. Shall we go then?" 

Hearing  Rolph words, Sardina pointed her sword forward. 


When the order was given, 150 cavalrymen started moving.  All to chase after an otherworlder whose shadow they can't even see. 

The Vanguard was Sardina with her deputy leader Saitou by her side. 

“Her Highness, I've ordered the closing of the  Adelpho's checkpoint as per your order."

"I see. Thank you for the hard work. That was quick of you." 

It was an order she herself gave to him yesterday afternoon.
Even if he did it by changing horses, that was still quite the considerable speed. 
Listening to Saitou report, Sardina gave a satisfied expression. 

"Are we going to arrest him at Adelpho?" 

Saitou age is approximately 30 years of old.
His hair parted sideway with an ratio 7:3. His appearance is like that of an Elite salaryman. 
If he were to wear glasses and a business suit and then walked around in the business district, he would be able to blend in immediately. 
Sardina smile mischievously toward the man who is putting up an intellectual atmosphere, and asked a question, 

"Oh my? Did I say such a thing?" 

"No. That's why I asked Her Highness." 

Due to the answer, not being what she had expected, Sardina answered with a question while showing displeasure on her face. 

"Then I will ask in return. O my excellent staff officer-san. Do you think that we could catch the otherworld person at the town of Adelpho?" 

"No. First of all, that would be impossible." 

Saitou answered plainly. This time, Sardina seems to be satisfied by the answer. 
She asked him with a little laughter. 

"Oh my? I wonder why is that?" 

"How are you going to look for a man whom you don't even know the face of? Or is there any clues I don’t know about?" 

That was the primary problem, all they know about the otherworlder, is that he's a man with a tall physique and a merciless mind. Just that. 
There is lots of men that fits such an description not only within the Empire, but within the western continent. 
Last night the pursuit was chasing with the premise that he's wearing Imperial Guard armour, however, they were unable to capture him 

"I guess so... Fufufu. After all, you don't know the person you are looking for ne~." 

Toward Sardina smile, Saitou narrowed his eyes. 

"If that is the case then, what are we going to do?" 

"It's fine. Since we don't know the face. I have no choice but to make our opponent say that he is the criminal, no?" 

Hearing Sardina words, a sharp light appeared in Saitou eyes. 
The intentions of his master had been made clear to him. 

"I see. Is that why we closed Adelpho checking station?" 

"That's right. In the first place, the human resources we can use is limited; thus I can't expect much from it." 

"How about we mobilize Adelpho's garrison?" 

Toward Saitou suggestion, Sardina shook her head. 

"That's impossible. If we move the garrison away from the national border, it would only invite Zalda to invade us. And we can't ask the nobles either ne~." 

"I guess so... If this were to leak to the other noble, it might incite them to rebellion after all." 

Sardina imagined the case where this case got leaked to the neighbouring countries and the imperial nobles. 

"Even if it were to be announced sooner or later, right now would be bad. That means that I can’t do anything that would break the news... even though it puts us at a disadvantageous." 

Toward Sardina's explanation, Saitou nodded silently.