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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v1-c8

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 1 E 8 (Escape 4)

Let's turn back the time for a bit.

The injured person that have been taken to the medical office was Ryouma.
He won the bet. Of course, he believed in the prospects of it being a success.
Inside the temple blood was splashed all over the floor, and there were five corpses laying around.
Ryou judgment that told him, that the people that would come inside wouldn’t be able to remain calm was correct.
In fact, the soldiers who came inside completely lost their calm seeing the condition of the room.

Ryouma’s biggest worry, was if they were taking off his helmet and saw his face.
He had no doubt that the soldiers, would discover the truth if they removed his helmet.
After all, they have never seen his face before.

However, it was really a godsend that the two who entered the room called each other's name.
Because Ryouma called Rolph's name, he unconsciously pulled down his guard, and it helped him decide to send Ryouma to the medical office.
Since his name had been mentioned, Rolph seems to judge that the person in front of him was a friend, not in their wildest dreams would they think it was actually Ryouma...

"Gu... Goho... Goho..."

Ryouma began to cough violently.

"Oi! Carry this person to the medical office immediately!"

"Be patient, a little bit more! Are you listen?! we're about to arrive at the medical office! Don't lose your consciousness you hear? You will die if you do!"

The soldiers who carry Ryouma on the stretcher kept trying to encourage Ryouma.
They only thought of the person laying on the stretcher as one of their own, a fellow soldier.
Ryouma also desperately complained about the pain.
He had never had any desire to be an actor, and never practiced. But it was seemingly true, that when a person’s life hang in the balance, humans could suddenly be able to do anything. It was truly as if, a Hollywood actor pretending to be injured.

"Alright! We've arrived!"

The soldier immediately began knocked on the wooden door while shouting.

"Sensei! Open up, there's an emergency patient here!" <TLN: Yeap, Japanese call a doctor "sensei">

After a few seconds, the door opens from the inside.
A young man shouted while holding the knob of the medical office door.

"Old man! It seems to be an emergency case!"

"I can hear already! Bring them inside!"

However, the man seems to not wish to help the injured, he went and left the medical office.

"Well, then old man! I'm going to take a break alright? Since I have not eaten lunch yet."

But an angry voice was yelling at the young doctor, who was leaving the medical office.  "Oi! You! At least help me put the injured person into the bed!"

But the young man pretended that he didn't hear anything and keep walking.

"Damn it~! That bastard!"

The middle-aged doctor who's being called old man, after he prepared the medicine and bandages, he pointed toward the soldiers.
It seems that he has gained a lot of experience as a doctor for many years. While talking, he was able to prepare for the treatment quickly.

"So? How's the condition of the patient?"

"Ha! It seems like the person is in a dangerous state. "

. This looks quite severe, what happened?"

The doctor approached Ryouma while saying such words. And with no warning...


Red liquid gushed out violently from the doctor's neck.
Ryouma who had stopped acting, swopped his sword across the doctor's neck.
Blood once again painted Ryouma armour red.
Ryouma then jumps up from the bed quickly, and strike the nearest soldier who is standing still, stunned by the sudden change in the situation.
The soldiers who had thought that Ryouma as an injured person up until now, simply can't avoid Ryouma's sudden attack.
The sword cut the throat of the soldier who's unable to understand what was happening.
As expected, the other one did not remain standing still in utter amazement for long. He immediately tried to run toward the door to escape outside.
He seems to have thought that he should not fight alone but instead bring someone as backup.
Ryouma immediately removes the sheath from his waist and throws it toward the soldier's legs.
This is not an attack toward the soldier, it was aimed to disturb the soldiers attempt to escape, that was his thought process.


Fortunately, the sheath hit the back of the soldier's knee, and he falls after losing his balance.
Ryouma immediately ran up toward him, and thrust his arm in between the helmet and armour. Then quickly begins to choke the soldier from behind.
As death come closer, the soldier tried to fend off Ryouma desperately. However, when Ryouma's thick right arm tightens up on his throat, the soldier instantly stop moving.
The soldier seems to have understood that resistance is meaningless.

"D-Damn you..."

"My bad. I have some minor things that I want to ask."

The soldier does not have any choice.


Because of the soldier's throat is being choked tightly, his words become unclear. However, it's not to the point that one can't understand the meaning.
Ryouma asked the soldier as calm as possible.
Ryouma knows thet compared to raising his voice, a calm voice will intimidate the opponent much more effectively.

"I like to get out of this castle, can you tell me how to do it?"

He used an extremely natural tone. Talking the same way, he would be talking to someone in from his hometown.
But, that is precisely why the soldier feels fear, the soldier tried his utmost to put up resistance.

"You bastard... E-even if ... you're... able to escape..." <TLN: His words are semi-gibberish here... Just think of it like you're being choked and try to talk.>

When he said such words, he desperately tapping the arm that grasping his neck.

"Ah, my bad my bad. Although I know that, please keep talking like this, after all, if you raised your voice, it would be bad."

Ryouma understood the soldier words, however, on the contrary to ease up, he tightened the hold around his neck.
The soldier's intention to call help the moment when Ryouma eased up the pressure was gone, yet Ryouma keept himself alerted.

"By the way, I do not have much time see. Will you please tell me soon?"

After whispering such words, Ryouma put more power into his arms.
The soldier's face is dyed red.

"Gugu... Gu"

"Do you feel like to say it now?"

Toward Ryouma question, the soldier desperately refused by shaking his head. Though If one were to leave it as is, the soldier would die due to suffocation. And the fear of death slowly began to break the soldier's will.

"Just... from this... place... turn right...  passage...then exit... pass... through the courtyard..."

"Go out and exit from the right passage, then pass through the courtyard right?"

The soldier nodded as to confirm it, Ryouma then put more force into his hold tightened his arms around soldier's throat further. The force then broke the soldier's cervical vertebra.

"Gu... Gugu..."


Dull sounds that indicate something being broken came from inside Ryouma's arms.
The power of the soldier who tried to push Ryouma body as an act of last struggle grew weaker.

"My bad..."

After Ryouma removes his arms that had been used to choke the soldier, he stares at the corpse of a soldier lying under his eyes and mutters such words.
That is the only thing that Ryouma could do toward the soldier, an enemy that had been genuinely worried about him thinking that he is his friend.

Ryouma then starts preparing his escape once again.
Inspecting the body of the three bodies, he took the bags filled with gold coins from them. Also, Ryouma used the bandage and the hot water to wipe away the blood from his helmet and armour.
After all, if blood were to remain stuck on his armour and helmet, it will draw attention.
When all of the blood had been wiped off, Ryouma put everything on fire inside the medical office.
The fire spread to the whole medical office in a blink of an eye, because he chose the things that is easy to set on fire.
After Ryouma had left the medical room where it had become filled with black smoke, he took a deep breath, before yelling.

"Fire~~~, There's Fire~~~!"  Ryouma voice echoed inside the Royal Palace.

Orlando who's walking in the courtyard immediately heading toward the medical office heard the scream.

"What!? Fire?!"

Orlando's face grew pale.
A fire outbreak happening inside the royal palace is a very serious matter.
If the Imperial family was hurt or the palace of the central government were destroyed due to the fire, it would definitely cause Ortomea empire to take a huge blow.
He changed his complexion that he usually he has.

"Fire~~! A fire has broken out in the medical office~~!"

"Fire? Where is the fire?"

"From the medical office! Bring water immediately!"

"No! Call the Imperial court magicians! Ask them to extinguish the fire in one go with magic!"

"You stupid idiot!  We need to evacuate His Majesty and the royal family first!"

The panicked voice of a soldier, maid, and a butler can be heard.
Everyone raises their voice and runs about in utter confusion. It would be right to call this a melting pot of confusion.
And in contrast to the servants and the soldiers, the aristocrats while being accompanied by soldier, tried to run away toward the courtyard away from the now blazing medical room.

Orlando then sets his foot into the flower bed in the courtyard and began running toward the medical office at once.
He feels guilt for trampling over the flower, but right now such thing is a trivial matter, that's what he thought.
Since it is possible to extinguish the fire immediately if he goes there.
However thanks to him rushing, he did not notice Ryouma that had escaped along with soldiers escorting of the aristocrats. Ryouma who's wearing the Imperial Guard armour fit in with the soldiers near the aristocrats, trying to get away from the palace.

(I should be able to escape if I were to go on like this...)
What Ryouma is currently in is actually a wonderful miscalculation. A spontaneously smile spread on his face.
At first, he planned to set fire to the inside of the palace, that way he should be able to cross the castle gate in the midst of the confusion; however, it was unexpected that the aristocrats sought to escape first.

"Fuu~~. I guess, I manage to do it huh..."  Ryouma who walked along with the aristocrats succeeded at passing the gate without being questioned.

Ryouma then turned around staring at the white castle that he just escaped from. As if trying to oppose its grand appearance...