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Friday, February 10, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v1-c12

Editor: Thorrium.

Chapter 1 E 12 (Fleeing) 4

Ryouma narrowed his eyes because of the morning light.
He carried his sword, put the chakrams inside his waist bag, and then he went east on the highway.

After he bought his weapons the day before, Ryouma went and bought five magic potions and five antidotes from the second-hand magic store, he also bought a simple tent, a map of the western continent and a backpack to put all of those things.
He thought of what to do with the armour he had buried, but, it was hard to match his body size with the pre-made armour pieces.
And since Ryouma didn’t have not much time, he decided to buy a proper suit of armour it at a later date.
For the time being, the equipment had been completed, at the time Ryouma had dinner at Oceanic Nois, he finally noticed.


Ryouma voice echoed inside of the restaurant, which had turned into a bar doing the evening, made the eyes of the customers who visited the bar turn towards Ryouma all at once.

"M- Ma'am..."

"What? What's wrong?"

Surprised by Ryouma voice, the hostess came closer to Ryouma.
She came up to Ryouma worried that an insect perhaps had landed on his meal, but as she looked at him, she was sure that wasn’t the case.
As the hostess come to him timidly, Ryouma speak toward the hostess with a small voice.

"Letter. The latter..."

"Did you lost the letter that you were meant deliver !?"

After listening to Ryouma small muttering, the hostess complexion changed.
This is, in fact, a huge failure. If it's like this, he would definitely have to pay the compensation.
No, if it's money he should still has plenty. But still it would be different if he had a little experience, if a beginner were to fail a beginner quest then, it would difficult for him to undertake a new one.
However, hearing Ryouma answer, the hostess expression turn into a smile.

"N- No... in fact, I have not yet received the letter..."

"Ha haan. You, you didn't go to the delivery counter did you?"

"Delivery counter?"

It seems like the visitors who tried to listen to them understood the situation. They all smirked and smiled while looking at Ryouma.

"Oi. A new face here. "

"Indeed, I was also like that the first time."

"After all the guild is a bureaucracy."

The whispering voices reaches Ryouma ears from around the corner.


Because she was unable to stand it anymore, the hostess began laughing loudly , and the surrounding mercenaries laughed as well.

Ryouma looked the them puzzled unable to understand why they laughed at him.

"Iya~, my bad, my bad. Well half of the beginners end up just like you right now."

Noticing Ryouma fell silent with a stupid look on his face, the hostess covered her mouth with her apron and apologize. However, she was clearly still smiling unneath..

"What's going on?"

Toward Ryouma question, words came flying from the people around him.

"For the new face trial, cheers~!!"

"A victim of the bureaucracy, glory to that!"

"New face! Don't lose heart and do your best alright~~."

He did not understand the situation at all. Ryouma turned his gaze filled with questions toward the hostess.
Looking at Ryouma with such face, the hostess shrugs her shoulders while shaking her head.
"You... After registering at the guild, didn't you get anything?"

"After registering at the guild hmm? The registration card... ah!"  After listening to the hostess words, Ryouma finally remembered something.

(That's right! after finishing with my registration, when I was about to head back, I get a booklet!
It was being handed over by receptionist after I was done registering.)
Back when Ryouma received it he just threw it in his bag and forgot all about it until now.

"Have you read the third page?"

Listening hostess words Ryouma opened the booklet in haste.
Each request quest achievement procedure:
Quest type: Delivery category
At the time one's undertakes a delivery quest, the delivery object will be located at the delivery counter at the guild.
The delivery quest will be completed by delivering the item to the delivery counter at the targeted locations guild.

Quest type: Subjugation category
When undertaking a subjugation quest, every time the target has been subjugated, it will automatically be recorded on the license card.
The subjugation quest will end by the time the card has been submitted to the guild’s delivery counter. If it was specified in the quest information, it will be allowed to report to any guild in any city.

In some cases where an subjugation quest has been accepted, it is necessary to be accompanied by a guild attendant. This is necessary to prove that the right place has been subjugated.
In such cases, the automatic recordings on the card cannot be used as prove for the quest being completed.

Request quest: Procurement quest
In case you undertake an procurement quest, the quest will end when the procured item has been delivered to the guilds delivery counter.
In case where the quest information is not being specific about the delivery location, you may report it at any city guild.

"These guys..."

Ryouma looked at the title of the booklet "Guild beginner guide."  The booklet clearly containing information which any beginner needed to know.

"You received the quests from the receptionist right?"

Ryouma nodded toward the hostess question.

"A reception at that counter will only let you accept requests, thus when you have accepted a delivery quest or other requests, you must go to the delivery counter and get the item they want you to deliver."

Now that she mentioned it like that, he realized how logically it sounded, but Ryouma was not entirely satisfied by it.
Although he doesn't intend in making any excesses, it seemed more efficient if they just handed over the item when the quest was take, or so he thought at least.
Well, since they give out the handbook, it made Ryouma unable to speak out his thoughts, after all he did not even put in an effort to read.
In the first place, it seems like there were many people like him. The hostess had said that many newcomers face such trouble because they didn’t read it.

"You seems dissatisfied, well since they thought the system was quite complicated, they decide to give a booklet, but, most newcomers don’t even take a glance at it. after all they just registered and has accepted their first job. Most feels tense and forget all about the booklet. Which is why it’s the newcomer trials”.

The hostess might understand Ryouma feelings. Which was why she explained everything to him carefully.

"Is the guild still open I wonder?"

“The time right now is 20:30, it is about this time most shops decides to close, one of the only exceptions are bars and some restaurants.
"Fufufu. The is also one of them. The guild is open all 24 hours a day, and every day of the year all 365s. By the way, it should also be written in the booklet; please do read it properly later alright?"

Hearing that, Ryouma stuffed his mouth with the grilled meat in a hurry. Then he paid the dinner bill at the counter and bowed toward the hostess and left the shop.
The place that he was heading to was of course, the guild.

After arriving at the guild Ryouma headed to the delivery counter situated on the first floor and then showed his card, which made the receptionist hand over the requested item readily.
If only he had read the booklet from the beginning, everything would have ended much faster. 
"Yes! This is the requested item. Thank you very much. Mikoshiba-san."

The woman behind the counter wearing glasses, handed over the sealed letter to Ryouma.
"The sealed stamp was made using wax. If this thing peels off, you will receive penalties regardless of whether you read the content or not, so please be careful alright."

After that, went and stayed at the hotel facing the main street, and finally he will leave the imperial capital at dawn.


Ryouma left the entrance while yawning.
Since it was early in the morning, there's only Ryouma around even after he walked out onto the highway leading to Melferen.
After he had received the requested item at the guild yesterday, Ryouma spent the night in the hotel facing the main street.
Just like the hostess advised him, he read the booklet properly, and after finishing he thought about all the items that he had purchased, until he fell asleep.
Shirt, pants, mantle, and leather belt = 1000 baht (10 silver coins).
Lunch time at the Oceanic Noise restaurant = 25 baht (25 copper coins)
Dinner at the Oceanic Noise restaurant = 40 baht (40 copper coins)
A sword = 500 baht (5 silver coins)
Chakrams x 20 = 2000 baht (20 silver coins)
Magic potions x 5 = 1000 baht (10 silver coins)
Antidotes x 5 = 1000 baht (10 silver coins)
A Simple tent = 500 baht (5 silver coins)
A Map of the western continent = 100 baht (1 silver coin)
A Backpack = 100 baht (1 silver coin)
Inn hotel fee with breakfast = 100 baht (1 silver coin)
----That is the amount of money he spent on his first day after being summoned.
It becomes 6365 baht or 63 silver coins and 65 copper coins.
Looking at this, the food price seemed very low.
On the contrary, consumable goods such as magic potions and antidote were quite expensive.
Looking at the explanation on the bottle, it seems like they are quite effective against injuries.
They do not seem like items that one use easily.
(Though if this were a game, this item would be the cheapest item. eh...
But then, the one big difference here from a game, in this world there's no continue if you're dead after all).

With that in mind, it made it easy for him to not be stingy about buying medicine.
Even if I don’t skip investing in equipment, and earn 200 baht (2 silver coins) a day , I will still earn enough that I can have meals and stay at the Inn.

(However, are they really going to come out on the highway? the monsters I mean...)
Inside the guild beginner's guide that he read yesterday, other than how to receive a quest, and how to report, there's was also the location of the wild dog and wild bi that he was meant to subjugate recorded within it.
According to this, the monster will get stronger the further they are from the highway.
This time he received the quest to subjugate wild dogs which usually appear about 5 minutes walking away from the highway.
Ryouma then left the highway and went toward the forest. Of cause there is a reason for Ryouma does this.
He thought that it would be suspicious if he hurried around, of course, there are a lot of people in a hurry, passing the highway but, he thought that being in a hurry increased the chance of the empire finding him.
Even if he didn't think of that, it would be much safer if he was moving between towns while doing his subjugation quest.
He walked into the forest for about 5 minutes, which lead him quite deep inside of the forest.
After walking around in the forest for a bit more, *woosh* sounds could be heard.
When he tried to take a look, five bugs were flying around 10 meters in front of him.
The size of the bug, was as big as a real dog, even though he thought of it as an insect.
(Is that it?)
It looks like an ordinary bee.
However, the size was definitely different. The size was around 100 times bigger than the normal bee, he was used to. It seems that this is was a wild bi..
According to the beginner's guide book, since the body is big, it’s movement was quite slow.
However, it has a deadly poison, if he were to be stabbed five times, he would die.
(Let's try to fight against it huh...)
Ryouma took chakrams from his waist bag and lowered his body taking using the iai stance, with the right leg to the front, and then he twists his hips to the left side.
Using the body like a bow, the chakram is being thrown with full power.
The chakram tears the wind making such sounds as it flew toward the wild bi.
And then.
The two sounds came right after each other.
However Ryouma ignoring it, he then immediately throws the second chakram, the third, then the fourth, and then the fifth successively.
All the flying wild bi's were falling to the ground.
One had its torso torn; there's also those that had their heads broken, there's also those who's unable to fly anymore due to their broken wing.
Although the part where it hits differ, it seems like he's able to hit all of them on the first try.
Ryouma pulls out his sword and approaches the wild bi.
It seems like all of them are in critical condition.
He then deals the final blow by crushing the head of the wild bi that is still intact, and only its wing broke.
(Hmm... now then...)
He then took out the beginner's guide book and read the part that he had folded.

Procurement Material
After you subdued the monster, you have to dismantle the monster to secure the materials.
Monster's body have various uses, such as making medicine, food, being catalyst for magic, and other stuff depending on the monster part.
Do I have to get all of these items for the
Procurement quest
? It seems possible to sell some of them to the magic item shop.

In the book, there was a written description of all the things that can be sold from the monsters body.

(Emm... the wing and the stinger...)
For the time being, he cut apart the wild bi, first to take the stinger.
(Uwah... this is around 5 centimetre I guess?...)
As he tried to pull the wings, Ryouma noticed around 3 of them had their wings torn off or there being holes on them.
(That's bad. If I'm not mistaken...)
He took the beginner's guide book in panic.

Important notes:
Since it's an item that is meant to be sold, if the materials damage is too intense, it won’t be accepted.
Please be careful.
Since it was for selling, then it's natural.
However, with a life-threatening situation, it's not easy to focus on minimizing the damage.
If he were being greedy and then end up badly injured or if he died… well he would not be getting anything from them either.
(If this was a game, I would just have to take the parts that could be sold I guess...)
Ryouma gave up on the wings that had been severely damaged, and instead only plucked the relatively intact wings.
(Even though I manage to defeat them, I guess I lost the battle. I guess I should give up on money if it requires me to put myself into danger huh...)

Ryouma realized the difficulty of a real hunting.