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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v1-c7

Chapter 1 E 7 (Escape 3)

A halberd is being thrust toward Seria's chest.

"Who are you! To think teleportation magic is being used inside the palace!"

A strike comes towards Seria together with an angry voice filled with a thirst for blood.

"This is an emergency! Tell that to His Majesty!"

Disregarding the guard, Seria keeps seeking an audience with the emperor.
Realizing the person who performs the sudden teleportation is a junior imperial magician, the left and right guards who are guarding the door toward the emperor hastily pull back their halberd.

"Aren't you Seria-sama? However, why are you using teleportation... may I know the reason?"

The guards looked at her sharply while asking her, which was only natural.
After all, if one were to use teleportation magic, even the emperor's bedroom can be infiltrated. That's why, this law cannot be broken so lightly. In the worst case, the death penalty might be handed toward the one who broke the law.
Thus, it was natural for the guards wanting to hear the circumstance. However, Seria ignored the guard question.
(I have no time to waste answering such question right now.)

"Silence! I told you this is an emergency. Even one second is important! Let me pass, or I will use a brute force and broke the door!"

"P-Please wait a moment Seria-sama. I will immediately tell His Majesty!"

Being overwhelmed by Seria's aggressive attitude, one of the guards rushed to the emperor quickly.
It took around 10 seconds before the door in front of Seria opened calmly.

"What happen here! Seria Wookland! Aren't you being too disrespectful!"

The angry voice of the prime minister Dornest was being directed toward Seria who immediately knelt before the Emperor.
(Cih, to think the prime minister also here...)
Seria clicked her tongue inside her mind.
The development turned unpleasant toward Seria who came inside in a hurry.
Prime Minister Dornest is a very loyal retainer of the Emperor; however, he's very inflexible.
Especially when it comes to laws and regulation, the man rules with an iron fist.
However, this time Seria has something that justifies her being hasty.
All the while the Emperor is sitting down on the throne.

"That's enough, Dornest. Seria said it was urgent thus she seeks an audience. What happen and is there any problem?"

"However, your majesty..."

Dornest tried to protest toward the emperor, thinking that the conduct will be a bad example.


The Emperor's sharp eyes shut down Dornest immediately.
Even a prime minister cannot go against emperor's words.
Looking at that, it was easy to tell that the emperor is not just an ornament.
After all, he's the one who lead the Empire to conquer the central part of the western continent.

Ortomea Empire's first emperor Lionel Eisenheit, initially he was born as the third prince of the former Ortomea Kingdom situated in the mountainous region in the central part of the western continent.
At that time, the old Ortomea Kingdom was being exhausted by the corruption of the aristocrats and civil wars between the royal family which lead the county to the edge of ruin.
Feeling sad about the condition of his country, Leonel wanted to rebuild the country.
He survived the war of inheritance with his brothers as his opponents, and successfully purged the corrupt aristocratic families.
In that process, Leonel himself had swung his sword on the battlefield several times.
And after conquering the neighbouring kingdoms 40 years ago, the Ortomea Kingdom renamed itself as Ortomea Empire.
Since then, he has fought for hegemony of the central part of the western continent.
Even after turning 58 years old, The Emperor who knows of the bloody battlefield can easily overwhelm your ordinary commander.

"Pardon me. Your majesty."

Dornest lowered his head to the emperor.

"It's alright. Rather than that, Seria. Is there a problem?"

"Ha! Your majesty. I'm very sorry for being rude but, I would like to ask for permission to deploy the army."

Because it was too sudden, the emperor and the prime minister were at a loss for words.

"What are you trying to say! Do you intend to intervene with the military with your title as an junior Imperial Court magician! Gaies-dono, what on earth has he taught you!" <TLN: Should I stay with her title as "Junior Imperial Court Magic-user/Magician" or should I change it to "Imperial Court associate magic user/Magician?"... the raw can also be read as Deputy Imperial court Magic-user/Magician... damn so confusing.>

This time, it was no surprise for the Prime Minister to revealed his anger.
Because Seria does not have any authority to make such an request.
However, the word opposite from what Dornest had said came out from the mouth of the Emperor.


"Y- Your majesty! What are you saying?"

"I said it's fine. Dornest."

Contrary to Dornest anger, the Emperor said those words in a calm tone.

"However Seria. I wish to hear the reason. Why you, an imperial court magician wants to deploy soldiers? Dornest aside, Gaies should know about this thing, no?"

Having the reputation of the best disciple, Seria desperately pushed down her sad and irritated feelings within her.

"Grandfather is... No.  Gaies Wookland has been killed." <TLN: I decide to use Grandfather from now on, rather than the JPN term...>

Seria's words made a tremendous impact to the Emperor and the Prime Minister.
After all, Gaies is Ortomea best magician, alongside Dornest, they handled Ortomea internal affairs, diplomacy, and military affairs.

"I- It can't be. Gaies-dono is..."

"That's not possible. That's impossible you know! Seria!"

They can’t help uttering such words.

"No your majesty. Prime Minister-sama. It is the truth...  An otherworlder has killed Gaies Wookland."

"W-What did you say?"

"That's impossible, Seria-dono... what are you talking about?"

Words of disbelief comes out from the mouths of the Emperor and the Prime Minister.
Seria suppressed her feelings of sadness and frustration and then began explaining the situation, though it would take too much time if one's were to give a detailed explanation right now.

"It is a fact... Your majesty. I've confirmed it with my own eyes."

Silence strike the Emperor.
It's the Emperor who broke the silence after ten seconds has passed, with a very low voice.


The Emperor is desperately suppressing his fury, while his hands grips the throne strongly.

"I do not know what exactly had happened. There's no evidence nor a witness. However, looking at the situation, I can understand who's the criminal."

"Who is it?"

"Today, Gaies-sama was planning to do a summoning ceremony. Considering the murder scene is at the place of the summoning ritual took place, and all the escort soldiers also have been killed, the criminals is a person from another world."

"I-It can't be. I cannot believe it..."

Such words came out from Dornest mouth, who had been keeping his mouth shut up to now.

"I'm also able to understand that the person is currently pretending to be a soldier of the imperial guard. For now, Imperial Guard leader Rolph-sama , Orlando the third seated court magician and I, will begin pursuit as soon as we receive your Majesty's permission."

The Emperor who heard Seria's words immediately make his decision.

"I'll permit it! Since issuing the decree will take time, use my sword as a proof from me!"

Like that, the Emperor removed the sword from his waist then threw the sword toward Seria <TLN: So crude, Emperor!>

"Seria, Gaies was my trusted retainer; he has been my companion for more than 40 years. He was also one of the pillar of this nation."


"And now, that Gaies have been killed. This is treason toward the Ortomea Empire! Be sure you find and detain the criminal by all means! If that's impossible, then you may kill the criminal!"

Seria lower her head expressing her respect and gratitude, then she immediately disappears using teleportation.

After this the Emperor sighed deeply, he spoke toward the curtain behind the throne.

"Shardina. Did you hear the conversation just now?"

"Yes. Your majesty."

From the shadow of the curtain, a blonde haired woman in the early of 20s appeared.
She's tall with a good proportioned body; furthermore, her blue eyes make her look impressive.
She's resembles the Emperor quite a bit.

"Just now I've checked the information from the shadows. It seems like it’s the truth Gaies-dono is indeed dead. Also, seemingly right after a fire broke out at the medical room. From there, a single soldier has gone missing. And Seria seems to think that this disappearing soldier is the otherworld person."

"I see... Shardina yo. What do you think?"

"I assume the guess about who's the criminal is correct. An assassination by another country seems to be impossible at least. It's just..."

The Emperor turned his eyes toward Shardina.

"It's just? what?"

"With all due respect, I cannot help but say that the possibility of the criminal being caught is very small."

Dornest raised a surprise voice. "What! Shardina-sama thinks that it would be impossible for Seria-dono!?"

"Dronest-dono. This is not due to Seria-dono capability. Probably it would end up the same with anyone."

"What did you say!?"

"How do one search for an otherworlder, a person that no one knows the face of?"

The Emperor raised his voice. "What do you mean?"

He did not consider that Seria did not grasp the face of the criminal at all.

"What do you mean by that?"

"All the soldiers that were present at the time of Gaies-dono doing the summoning ceremony are dead. She seems to not have checked the soldier face that pretended to be an injured person and brought him to the medical room almost immediately. The soldiers and the doctor who was present at the medical office was also killed, as a result, no one knows the face of the criminal."

"Such thing
... then, how will Seria  find the criminal?"

"It's a gamble your majesty. If the otherworlder were to wear the soldiers armour, then that's good. And even if the criminal changed near the castle, the castle guard will question the criminal in disguise at the time the criminal try to pass the castle gate hurriedly. Even if it's impossible to catch, there's a possibility that some kind of information can be obtained."

"I see. If it's like that, then it will be possible?"

"Yes. However..."

The Emperor is unable to hide his irritation.

"Good! Shardina, If you understand that much, then you and the shadows should go and search!"

"Y-Your Majesty? Is it alright? Letting Imperial princess Shardina leave like that."

Tension was mixed into Dornest voice.
After all, Shardina is the last fortress protecting the Emperor, and as such she never separated from him, not even once in the past.

"You're noisy! Ortomea Empires first imperial princess, the leader of Succubus chivalric order the Succubus Knights! Collaborate with Seria’s search for the criminal!" <TLN: The name of the knight order is soo weird... I guess it is full women intelligence service, gathering information(spy work), in bed?>

"Understood. Your majesty. I will do my utmost with all my strength."

Shardina dropped her head and went away from the emperor. 
At this time, is the moment where Ortomea Empire regarding Ryouma as an enemy.

Finally, only the Emperor and the Prime Minister were left in the throne room .

"Dornest, it has turned into something serious huh?"

"Indeed your majesty. You must do something to the neighbouring countries before this problem leaks out."

"Umu... Why now when I'm finally able to gain total control of the central part, and thought it was possible to conquer the eastern territory."

"Yes. It is regrettable."

The Emperor shook his head. "There's nothing we can do. Dornest, I need to immediately appoint a new chief of the imperial court magicians. Call the ministers."

"Certainly. Is it going to be Seria-dono?"

Anxiety was mixed within Dornest voice.

"I do not mind even if the other party is a young one."


After Dornest had left, the Emperor sank deeply into the throne.

"Damn that stupid Gaies. Even though I'm finally able to gain total supremacy..."

Water droplets fall on the crimson carpet.

The Emperor was finally able to express his feeling regarding the loss of a friend, that had survived years of war together with him.