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Monday, October 10, 2016

Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai - Intermission 3

Intermission 3 (Demon Lord)
[Kyurie Velstein]

After parting ways with Kurohiko, Kyurie walk along the corridor alone.
Some students casually walk back and forth passing her.
Everytime class is over, something like this is always happening.

Well then, it attracts too much attention here.

Kyurie changed her direction and walked toward some place.

That place is a place which Cecil had told her about.
The place that Kyurie is heading to is not the open space with a fountain that gathered a lot of students, but, a place further back, a place where a broken fountain exist.

She arrives at the desired location.
She had come to this location a few times in the past but, this place is as deserted as always.
The broken water fountain bricks that always being exposed to the wind and rain had changed color, and crumbling down here and there.
A natural cause.
There's also no sign that humans hands had touched it for a long, long time.
One can easily see that this place had been left just like that.
The word of abandoned fit this place very much.
The light is also not reached this place that much.

Maybe because this place is like this, that there are hardly any students set foot on this location.
Because of this location being surrounded by thick tree, this place can not even be seen from the windows of the building.
Furthermore, because trees and walls are encircling the surrounding on some part, the possibility of students looking this way is quite low.

She remembered the time when Cecil offered Kurohiko some food at this place.


No, This is not the time for her to think about such thing.

"Now then How about you stop trying to conceal yourself? I can't stand an eyesore."

When Kyurie said so, a man appeared from the shadow.

"An eyesore huh? I guess, I should take that as a compliment?"

The man who appeared wears a uniform coat.
One can see black clothes being worn slovenly.

His hair which long enough to cover some part of his eyes has deep blue color.
Brown eyes.
Sanpaku eyes. <TLN: Google it>
His height is taller compared to Kyurie,
One can say that his body feature is relatively well.
However, due to his facial expression that full of wickedness, it resulted of the notion of a handsome man being taken away.

"It's you huh, Lokia." <TLN: Name is ロキア>
"Yap, it's me. Kyurie."

Lokia is the same as Kyurie.

A person from the sixth institution.

I see now, what Hibigami had said is about him huh?

Kyurie recalled the words that had been spoken by Hibigami.

The information I got does not seem to be true

Noiz and Lokia, If I'm also considering the part that the person he met is merely impostor then, I'm sure that the person image from the information he got also considerably blurred.
Regarding that, even Kyurie information as well might be mixed fragmentarily.
Even Hibigami, I bet he didn't expect that, there are three people from the sixth institution in this imperial city.
However, what I have on my mind is, who is the person who gives information to Hibigami in the first place.

Lokia comes closer to the water fountain.

"But still, to think that I would meet you here, Silver Lady. As I thought, is it about that? About Noiz?"
"... Well, yes."
"I really don't understand. I came to get my beloved sword that had been stolen by that shitty Noiz, but, why are you looking for that person?"
"It's something that you shouldn't know."

It seems like Noiz had stolen his beloved sword.
There are two swords that Lokia regarded as his beloved sword.
If I'm not wrong, it is a Namochi sacred sword and cursed sword.<TLN: Namochi lit = "Great Endurance">
Kyurie tried to recall it from her memory.
Lokia's beloved swords huh... the sacred sword was named Rafeis and the cursed sword is Falvety, isn't it? <TLN: His sword name ラーフェイス(Rafeis) and ファルヴェティ(Falvety).>

Sacred Sword, Cursed Sword, Magic Sword.
By that, it does not mean that the sacred sword and cursed sword have a Namochi inscription.
And also, Namochi is a sword more stronger compared than the other.

Also, Lokia has tended to fight using the sacred sword or cursed sword only one at a time.
By the way, as for the reason why he decides to fight with only one sword at a time, the person himself said It's obvious that doing it that way is more hotter!, or so he said.
However, Kyurie has no idea of what Hotter he means.

"More importantly... it's about the theft who stole the student uniform, is that you?"
"Ha~, isn't that obvious?"

Lokia acknowledges it without fuss.
Lokia then stands above the broken water fountain rim.

"Since I think that you will need it soon. If I were to search for Noiz within the academy then, I think you will need this guy."
"... Are you alone?"
"No, I have one comrade. currently, I had him hide at a certain place in this imperial city. He's too old to pass as a student, and, more importantly, the Academy side has already known his face."
"Already know his face you say?"
"Previously, he does investigation to this imperial city including this academy but, that guy had stupidly being caught."
"... It can't be, the things about someone broke out the detention room in this academy; it has something to do with you?"
"Indeed. At the time when he wants to escape alone, he broke out the detention room flashily."

Lokia cracked his neck.

"But still, this academy, surprisingly can be reckoned. the one that succeeded in arresting my comrade is, not a sacred tree knight nor the instructors, but a student from this academy."

Lokia move his neck again making cracking sounds.

"It seems like the student who caught that guy is named Beoza, for him to be able to catch Ghost, it's quite impressive." <TLN: Ghost here is an alias.>

It's the guy that came to the dining hall together with Viburk.
If I'm not wrong, I heard that he is the strongest magic user in this academy.

"I was told by Ghost,  the conclusion of the fight against that student named Beoza, it seems like he put up a white flag on the spot immediately you know? Kukuku, such disgrace to the country of the end isn't it?"

If Lokia is the one who sent him off, then he must be strong.
And for someone making that kind of man surrender then, Beoza, it seems like the title of the most powerful magic user in the Academy is not just for a show.
On the other hands, Ghost who had been caught seems to be quite unlucky.
I don't know the details as to how it end up with a fight but, it depends on the fact that his opponent is a student ranked first in this academy after all.

"Like that, as the other guy who has the responsibility. therefore the other day, I came here by myself."

Lokia laughed and then looks down.

"But still, you still unable to catch that damned woman right?"
"I guess..."

The person whom he refers to as damned woman is Noiz, I guess.

"This might turn into a drawn-out war. but you know, she herself might not have realized it but."

Lokia cut his words.
Then his eyes slide to the surrounding.

"Unexpectedly, she might have been observing us right now you know? Since meeting between you and I, for her is something very exciting."

The way Lokia talk just now seems to be a plan to reveal Noiz.


Right now other than that, I have things that I want to ask this person since a while ago.

"Do you need something from me, Lokia?"

Kyurie asked with a flat tone of voice.
While also leaking a thirst for blood.
Lokia narrowed his eyes while opened his mouth.

"Oi oi, for heaven's sake. You should know that there's no way for me to win against you, isn't it? The special privilege to bully others only belong me. Do you think I want another guy to have it?"
"Speak. I should have said that you were an eyesore a while ago. I was going to overlook you for the sake of looking up Noiz, however, if by any chance you're thinking of intervening with my life then, I'll crush you."

Her voice is full of intent to kill.
The voice that she doesn't want Kurohiko to know about it.

"Fuhahaha, how scary, Kyurie... look at me? I come empty handed."
"I also didn't bring any weapon, however against you; magic should be enough."
"No no, that's not what I meant!?"

Lokia raises his hands while panicking.

"Like I said, I don't come to fight you! Tte, oi oi !? Aren't you going to do it for real!? No matter how you put it, you've gone too far Kyurie Velstein! As expected, you're really scary! It made me unable to speak instead!"
"... Disappear."

When Kyurie said those word, Lokia fixed his breath to calm himself.

"W-Well don't be so harsh... I was only interested in something you see."
"Interested you say?"

Lokia laughed while stick out his tongue.

"Yes... the man who's with you a while ago."
"If I remember correctly... his name is Sagara Kurohiko, isn't it?"

Lokia then bends his body forward.
And matches his glance with Kyurie.

"Who is that guy? For me, to see that silver lady completely madly in love... oi, what kind of joke is that?"

Madly in love.
Based on the context, it carries a good will I guess.

Though it generally applies to Hibigami and the other guys, since the olden days Lokia always have a weird way to express himself.
Toward such way of speaking Kyurie is already half given up.
Since it was a regular occurrence to take no notice, she decides to ignore it.

"That's something that has nothing to do with you."
"I don't care about your reason. Among the people from the sixth institution. I heard a rumor that he fight against that Hibigami you see? And far from it, I heard that he chase him out you know?"
"a while ago you said that you'd came to this city since the other day, at the time when Hibigami goes rampaging, you're at the imperial city isn't it?"
"Don't be stupid! Haven't I told you the reason why I come here! Who on their right mind would want to fight against that monster! I have no wish to die fighting that guy! I heard it from the people I meet!"

Kyurie is at a loss.
Whether she should speak about the relation between Hibigami and Kurohiko or not.
She quickly thought about it.
And then,

"It does not just chase him away. It seems that Hibigami had decided to make Kurohiko his one in a lifetime arc-enemy you know?"
"W-What did you say!?"

Lokia almost slipped his footing.
While looking confused, Lokia turns toward Kyurie with an expression as if in shock.

"T-That Hibigami!? You bitch, that's not a funny joke you know!?"
"It's not a joke. As a proof of that, Hibigami going to wait for Kurohiko and he also entrust him with Demon eater."
"Demon Eater you say!? the shitty sword that he holds dear since the time when we're still at the sixth institution?"
"That's right."

Saying it as a shitty sword is a bit mean though.

The reason why Kyurie told him about their relation is because, if he knows that Kurohiko is Hibigami favorite then Lokia won't touch him unnecessarily.
In fact, no one from the sixth institution wants to make that Hibigami angry.
Just like I thought, Lokia seems also fear Hibigami.
Like this, he won't make any stupid behavior.

"I-I see... I see now; I can understand if you get infatuated then."
"Moreover, Sagara Kurohiko is a forbidden spell user. Do you know about that?"
"Forbidden spell? By forbidden spell, it's "that" forbidden spell?"

It seems like he has yet to know about it.


Kyurie realizes that she's being impatient.
She felt like, there's a strange feeling of wanting to brag about Kurohiko to Lokia.

"Hee... forbidden spell eh."

Lokia pondered while touching his Adam apple with his thumb
It was Lokia habits to touch his Adam apple when he's in deep thought.

"If that is the case then, I can understand why he can match against Hibigami. but still, when I saw him before... though his look isn't that bad, he does not look like a strong person..."

Kyurie becomes sullen.

"It's because his nature is a gentle one. He just likes to hide his fangs."
"I wonder about that. If his nature is a kind one, Hibigami is the type to spit out at a sweet dog, though."
"... A fact is a fact. I don't care if you were going to believe it or not."

Lokia looked toward Kyurie as if finding it interesting.

"What is it?"
"You bitch, do you really like that Kurohiko boy?"
"... Dunno."
"Kukuku, Hahahaha!"

Lokia is crouching and hit his own knee while looking pleasant.
Kyurie is looking at him giving her a sense of deja vu.

"To think that a spring has come to that silver lady! Some things are hard to understand in this world!"

I knew it; He's saying similar things as Hibigami.
I wonder if I changed that much?
For some reason, I feel embarrassed.

"S-Shut up, I told you that I don't know."

Lokia tried to hold back and raise his hands above his head.

"I know I know. I don't know it either. I don't know anything. I have no interest in other people love affairs either, I'm also not interested if you see me as the opposite sex."
"I also have no wish to see you as the opposite sex either."
"Unless you're not a beauty, I might have been interested." 

Lokia tends to hate a woman who's normally being called a beauty.
He said that every time he sees a beautiful person, it makes him remember his girlfriend or Noiz. <TLN: Kanojo here, I don't know his Girl-Friend or Girlfriend... honestly.>

"Well, I can understand it roughly. I'm just interested in the person who has changed that Kyurie Velstein."

*Fuun*, Kyurie snorted out her breath.

"If you're done with your business then disappear. I won't report this to the headmistress. However, leave after the matter with Noiz have been settled."

Kyurie looks puzzled.

"What are you surprised about?"
"No, It's just that I feel strange that you become quite perceptive... you, you'll completely change, if you really want to huh?"
", S-Shut up!"
"D-Don't tell me; you're feeling embarrassed!? That Kyurie Velstein is!? Are you sane!? You're not lost sight of your own self right!? you, don't tell me, you're not Noiz in disguise right!?"
"Shut up! Disappear!"

*Hup* Lokia jump down from the broken water fountain rim.

"Fuhahaha, is that also the influence of that Sagara Kurohiko? I suddenly feel interested in him. To think there's a man who's able to change that Kyurie till this point, It surprise me like the change of a climate." 
"If, by any chance, you dare to touch Kurohiko."
"I said I know. I have no intention to make an enemy out of Hibigami and Kyurie Velstein you know. I have no intention of harming Sagara Kurohiko."

Lokia smiled fearlessly at Kyurie.

"Well, If I were to find Noiz, I would inform you as well. That's why, until I find Noiz, please overlook me."

Kyurie then has some thought.
About how far should she hold his words true?

Inside the country of the end, there are three prominent organizations, one of them is named the kingdom of the fools.

The people from that organization regard themselves as one true king; the place has the characteristic that everyone can call themselves as true king.
That's why whenever they are being caught outside the country of the end, they will say that I, myself is the king.
About that kingdom of the fools』ー If they are from the country of the end then many would know. 
That there is one person who is clearly different compared than the rest.

That person, once being referred as Demon lord by a former member of the sixth institution.
Having an extreme superior magic power, he becomes the man being called as magic power king.

And the king that controls that kingdom of the fools is demon king Lokia.

In the past, Hibigami evaluates Lokia in this manner.

I want to peel that clown skin Lokia have, however, I have not a single way to force him to do so. He himself might not know about his own origin I guess.

Hibigami then laughed while striking his scabbard toward the ground as if half given up.

Kakakaka, what a difficult person. Lokia's weakness, Lokia himself might not even know it, the bottom line is that essentially Lokia is as elusive as haze. In order to make that guy get angry, enough that he will bare his fangs against me... now then, I wonder what should I do?

At that time, Kyurie still doesn't completely understand Hibigami words, but now, Kyurie might understand it.
In other words, that even Hibigami didn't know much about the guy named Lokia.

However, regarding finding Lokia's weakness, Noiz who success at stealing Lokia's beloved sword seems to be a great hit.
The reason why Hibigami didn't use such plan is because, of course, that would decrease his power.

Having remembered those stories regarding Lokia, Kyurie becomes hesitant.
It seems like Lokia has the plan to find Noiz.
However, Lokia himself is an element of danger...

Kyurie herself is stronger than Lokia.
And besides, Lokia himself did not have his beloved swords.
There's also the possibility that he's doing it to himself.
Should I forcibly make him spit out his plan for finding Noiz?

That being said The problem is Lokia Nature itself.
The fight might turn into a lengthy one.
Kyurie is contemplating whether or not if it's wise to make another uproar within the academy.

Currently Lokia, passing Kyurie side, he's walking away leaving the place.
Kyurie then clenches her hands.

As expected, should I eradicate him here?

Kyurie turns around, and walk closer toward Lokia.

Or take him by surprise

However, suddenly... the figure of Lokia is disappeared.


A faint anger surges out from Kyurie heart.
It is because she felt relieved because of this.
Such as "I'm glad that I don't have to make another uproar by fighting against Lokia", That was what Kyurie had thought.

Since the permission for her to stay in this academy might have been lost, if she has to fight against him.
After all the opponent is that Lokia.
She doesn't think if she can finish the battle with just a small scale of disturbance.
If a student got rolled up with the fight and got themselves killed then, there's the chance that the Academy would've thought that she possess a huge dangerous element thus she will get thrown out.

Though leaving the academy itself, she does not feel any regret.
However, that means she has to bid farewell to him』ー


Kyurie opened her clenched fist, and gaze at her own palm.

"You'll completely change, if you really want to huh?"

At the same time the words from Lokia flashes, the face of the man who changed her also appeared in her mind.