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Monday, May 23, 2016

Seiju no Kuni no Kinju Tsukai - 26


Chapter 26 (Mock Battle 2)

For now... I'll first point my sword forward.

"Well thenー"

Instructor Joseph turns his eyes down to the pocket watch in his hand and raises his other hand.

"ーBegin !"

My partner is the glasses female instructor.

I might be a little uncool here, but I have to at least put my whole effort in this.
I don't have the knowledge of swordplay either.
Besides if I assume trying to look good unskillfully, it may result in a more terrible result, which would be bad.
Well, let's just use fighting spirit !

Alright then...
Right, I'll let the wildness inside of me show its ability...
I imagine letting myself loose the wildness inside of meー
The wildness inside of me... the wildnessー
The wildー... withinー...

ー*dokun*(sfx of heartbeat)

H-Huhー ?
Suddenly... my sight becomes...ーred...
Eh ?
What is thisーー?
E-Eh ?
This sensation...somewhereー...
Ah ! That's right...
If I'm not wrong, this sensation is similar to the time when I've used the forbidden spellー


I feel like a chain has tightened inside of my body.
My body... becomes hot ?
Uuh, what is this?
There is... a strange pulse within my bodyーー?


I grasp my sword with both of my hands tightly.
And thenー
Once again I fix my sword stance.


I want to let it lose.
This power...
To release this chain and let it eat everythingー



I lower my sword stance.
That's right... I fix my posture to that of a wild person going to attack.
And then...

I run forward...

"Gaaaaaaaaa !"

I move my sword and swung it against the female instructor.


*Clank-Clank* high-pitched sounds can be heard.

I do it a little more and the sounds of *clank* continue to resound.


"...H-Huh ?"

When I looked at my hand I was taken aback, the sword is not in my hand...
In front of me, the female instructor who holds a sword overlooks me who have fallen backward.

...Nn ?
What... Happened ?
I'm sure that I just swung my sword with all my might.
I turn my face to the back.
The sword I hold previously have fallen on the floor.


W-What had happened ?
This atmosphere.
Everyone are dumbfounded.
And then, the one who broke this atmosphere isー

"...Pfft, what was that..."

It was Maro.

"Being fired up to the point of yelling, and it ended with just one blow... ? furthermore, he uses the sword plainly... what the heck is that ? you know, I ask you a question but why you only looking at here ? does the super nature child-sama is being accepted to this academy because of his spirit only !? I'm seriously can't believe it, with something like this it makes me want to laugh ! Gahahahaha !"

Should I laugh here ? the other students who being tempted by it begun laughing too.


Uwaaahー, seriouslyーー?
Am I being done with just one blow ?
And furthermore, to end up as a laughing stock.
When I look at it, there are people who aren't laughing too.
Zix-san, Hirgiz-san, Cecil-san, the instructors, and Kyurie-san
Even though there's some difference, they show a similar expression of astonishment.

By the way, does my appearance unpleasant to you Aira-san ? to show such a grim expression and gritting her teeth.
Uwaahー... you don't have to get that angry at me !


It seems like I was too weak and everyone loss for words...
And then, instructor Joseph is walking toward the female instructor.

"Isabella, just what's going on ?"
"... Eh ?"
"Since this is a mock battle, to end it with one blow is..."
"Ah... about thatー"
"At least let the students have an exchange of swords ten times before you end it, with it being like this, it would be hard for me to evaluate..."
"Y-Yes... I'm sorryー b-but..."

Instructor Isabella then looked at me.

"That is... how should I put it... somehow I have a feeling that I should protect myself seriously, or perhaps I should say... huh ? what am I going to say I wonder ? being a sacred tree cadet and furthermore in a mock battle, end up being serious is... err..."

Instructor Joseph responded to her while showing a bitter smile.

"Please pull yourself together, instructor Isabella. since among the five instructors, you're the best after all"

And then instructor Joseph looked at me.

"Your sword art... Have you hold a sword before ?"
"T-To tells you the truth... this is my first timeー"
"I see... the first time huh ?"

Instructor Joseph then put his hand on the back of his head and shows a difficult face.

"Very well then... You will be put in a special class. it seems the content of your lesson will be slightly different from the others."

...ーDoes that means, the difference is I'll be going to be put in a super-beginner course is it ?
Unn, I guess that is much better.
But with that, is that mean...ーwhen the times of battle practice, I'll be all alone ?


Damn itー!
But even with this, I'll still do my best !
I'm not going to hesitate anymore !
Solo special training.
Bring it on. !

And at that time...

"Aah !? special class !?"

Maro who seems to have heard of what the instructor had said, raised his voice.

"Did all of you hear that ? he said he's going to be put in special class ! a super nature child who don't even know about common sense, where he even don't know how to handle a human-sama weapon you know?! your name is Kurohiko is it ?! you make me seriously want to laugh ! Gyahahahaha !"

The other students also laugh.


Damn you Maro.
One day, I'll beat you to a plump...

"Instructor Joseph."

A dignified voice can be heard.
Everyone direct their line of sight toward the source of the voice.

"About this mock battle, if there are only three people who have not yet have their turn, may I begin my mock battle immediately ? Honestlyー looking at the scene of these people laughing at their own classmate is unpleasantーー"

After that person said that, the laughing voice suddenly disappeared.
The students who laughed direct their face downward as if a child being reprimanded of their mischief.
The one who walk out is Cecil-san
Her expression is similar to last night... A very cold expression that freezes the atmosphere.

"In the first place, the most important for being a new student in this academy is that one can handle and use holy power(magic power) or not, if a person were to be weak in sword art, then it is not weird."


Cecil-san is approaching to this direction.
After she comes to this side, she whispers to me.

"Don't mind him... he didn't know anything..."
"Eh ?"

Cecil-san walk pass me one step.
And then,

"It was a very wonderful blow, Kurohiko"

And then she smiles.


This is bad, I might cry here...

"T-Thank you very much... Cecil-san."

Aah, Cecil-san... is it okay for me to fall in love with you ?

"Che" and there, Maro who didn't feel amused show a displeased expression while clicked his tongue.


I know it, that boy is a bad news.
Just what kind of education did that Maro receive from his father !
As expected, even I'm getting angry !

"Well then, Instructor Joseph."

Cecil-san then turns toward Instructor Joseph.

"My mock battleー"
"No, wait for a bit..."

Instructor Joseph stick out his hand toward Cecil-san and direct his gaze toward Kyurie-san.

"Kyurie Velstein, you have not get your turn yet..."

Kyurie-san then took a small breath and nodded a little.

"... Yes"

Kyurie-san then walks toward the center of the training facility.
With a long sword in her hand

On the other hand, Cecil-san walks back toward Zix-san and co, she glanced toward Kyurie-san a little when they pass each other.

And I walk toward the loner spot where I was before.

The female instructor tries to fix her attire which out of order, it seems will take quite some time.

I sat down on the side near the wall.
And looked at my own palm.


What was that before I wonder... that sensation...
However, I wonder why...
After I feel that sense of liberation, somehow, I feel good... nnn ?

Someone shadow entered my field of vision.

I rise my face.

"Emm. Aira-san, is it ?"

Why are you having such grim expression ?
Aira-san who have such a grim expression opened her mouth.

"That is... not a sword art is it not ?"
"... Eh ?"

For now, before she shows an expression as if condemning me, I close my mouth and hang down my head.

"... I'm sorry, I said something weird... I just... about just now, please forget it."

After she said that, Aira-san turn her back and leave.

"... He ?"

W-What ?
What was that about just now ?
Did I do something ?
Or rather, sword art or not, it's just me being done with one blow.
... seriously, what is going on ?

While I'm having a large question mark in my head, Kyurie-san mock battle has begun.
Her partner is the same as mine, the female instructor.

"ーBegin !"

After instructor Joseph shout, the mock battle begin... where something that can't be believed is about to happen.


"W-What are you trying to do, Kyurie Velstein..."

For some reason Kyurie-san throws her sword on the floor.
Kyurie-san goes *fuuh* and shows an expression indicating not interested.

"I gave up..."
"I have no confidence in my sword art too. That's why, please put me in special class too."
"T-Take up your sword, Kyurie Velstein !"

The female instructor urges her to take up the sword.
But Kyurie-san rebukes her faintly.

"... Have you not heard what I said, instructor ? from the beginning the rule is if I'm not wrong, when someone said "I give up" the match should be stopped ?"
"Indeed, that is true... Butー"

Showing a troubled face, instructor isabella looked toward instructor Joseph help.
Instructor Joseph shakes his head as if saying "good grief"

When instructor Joseph is about to open his mouthー

"Don't fuck with me... "

The one who cut in is Maro.
Kyurie-san looked at Maro monotony.

"What is ?"
"If you really don't have confidence then that's fine, and showing such unsightly appearance like that comical wild boy is also good but, what is this, trying to look good, furthermore, I don't like that attitude of yours, the weak should be weak and try to be more modest."

"Well if we talk about the face that can flatter any man then... I'm looking forward to the year we will spend together"

Damn you Maro.
Why is he always try to scorn every single person as if he's not satisfied without doing so ?
Should I knock him out ?
At worst I'll have to use the forbidden spell..

"... You, what are you laughing at !?"

In front of frowned Maro... there's Kyurie-san who laughed lightly while *fufufu*ing.

"Since you're weak you should act like one huh ?... you... really until the end trying to act like a big shot is it ?"
"W-What did you say !?"
"For me, I just found it troublesome to keep company this foolish farce, that is why I let go of my sword"
"Aah ?! Don't make a bluff !!"
"All member here.

The time inside the training facility is halted for a moment.

"... Ha ?"

Everyone sensing something ominous from Kyurie-san, have the atmosphere around them become tense.

*gulp* I gulp down my saliva.

W-What's going on here ?
It feels like my heart is being grabbed.

Kyurie-san then declares it coldly.

"Against everyone here, I will fight using the sword andー massacre all of you."

With that statement, as expected, even Maro get taken aback.
Inside the training facility too, it's wrapped with different kind of tense atmosphere from before.
The statement just now, it won't be weird for us to laugh it off.
But, the thirst for blood that Kyurie-san gave is...
Makes her previous statement strangely have persuasive power.

ーーit isn't a bluff.

Everyone might feel such thing.

"... Alright that's enough"

It was Instructor Joseph who speaks while scratching his head.

"Kyurie Velstein, You will be put in exception class as well, if you feel like that, as for which group you will be belong to, I'll be the one appoint it, you won't have any saying. you're fine with that ?"

Toward instructor Joseph statement, Kyurie-san nodded.
At the same times, the strange tense atmosphere melts away.

"... Good grief, within lion class there are a lot of lively fellows huh. I'm happy for this"

Instructor Joseph then takes the sword that Kyurie-san let go.

"Now then, all of you must be hungry by now. I guess we should wrap out the rest of the tree people"


Thus the mock battle of the three other students Maro, Aira Horn, Cecil Arclight Begun.