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Friday, April 22, 2016

Recommend me a WN

Just like the title says.

I want you guys to recommend me some WN...
Preferably a fast pace WN with romance and a bit of comedy.
And one that didn't contain any NTR(for god sake I hate this genre)...

What About MC being a sadist who kill anyone and anybody, or a lot of people died in the WN ?
Well to be honest, I don't mind such genre...just no NTR

You can write your recommendation at comment section here, and if someone already write the same recommendation with yours, then you can just upvote that person recommendation...

As a bonus information...

Yap I'm planning to take one of them as a project...since Kinju Tsukai were pretty slow pace...I want something fast pace...

Will Kinju Tsukai being dropped or will it affect my current pace on working Kinju tsukai ?
The answer is nope...I take Kinju project with the intention to finish it to begin with.

Well then with that being said...Please recommend me something...

I'm in need of good reading...