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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Record of Wortenia War - v4-c9

Chapter 4 Episode 9


Night, 14th Day, 11th Month, the Year 2813.

"Well then? Why did you want those kind of terms?"

It was about the terms Ryouma had demanded during the meeting this noon.
Lupis had accepted all of them.
It was natural for Lupis to do that because of how she was cornered and also of the urgency.
It can be seen from how Lupis accepted Ryouma's demand promptly without going to go through a meeting with the ministries.
Well, it was also true that Ryouma had kept the terms and conditions at a minimum so that it could be decided promptly, but the other side did not know that.

"Are you suspicious of me, Elena-san ?"

Record of Wortenia War - v4-c8

Chapter 4 Episode 8


Noon, 14th Day, 11th Month, the Year 2813.

A heavy atmosphere covered the audience room.
The color of tension appeared on the face of the guarding knights who had lined up on the left and right.
Such an attitude was natural.
Because the hero who had ended the civil war, and the ruler who tried to get rid of such a hero will face each other after a long time.
The guards, and the civil servants. And also the major nobles.
Everyone’s line of sight was looking at the kneeled man waiting for the Queen to enter the room.

"Long time no see Baron Mikoshiba. Raise your head."

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Record of Wortenia War - v4-c7

Chapter 4 Episode 7

Editor: (Starbuck11)
Noon, 14th Day, 11 Month, the Year 2813.  

For the first time in over a year, Ryouma visited Pireaus, the capital city of the Rozeria Kingdom.
A first big city after a long absence.
The fortified city of Epiroz boasted an exceptionally large population, but it cannot be compared with how big the royal capital of a kingdom was.
Well, although the city population was not as big as Tokyo or London, this city was still one of the biggest in this world.

Record of Wortenia War - v4-c6

Chapter 4 Episode 6

Editor: (Starbuck11)

Noon, 6th Day, 11 Month, the Year 2813, Western Continent Calendar.

The city of Sirius was full of vigor.
The slave children that had been delivered the other day frantically swung their swords in order to grab their own fortune with their own hands, after five months of training, those who finished the trial will obtain freedom. They all worked hard in order to create their new hometown.
Everyone used their power to steadily develop the city.
They held Mikoshiba Ryouma, the one who returned back their dignity as a human beings, in high regard. -


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Record of Wortenia War - v4-c5

Chapter 4 Episode 5

(A messenger of neighboring country 3)


Midnight, 3rd Day, 11th Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar. 

In a private room within the royal castle given to Mikhail. two men confronted each other across the lamp placed on the desk. - 
One was the master of this room. 
The other was a man who should not be inside this room. 

"It seems the dispatch of troops has been decided as planned." 

Record of Wortenia War - v4-c4

Chapter 4 Episode 3

(A messenger from neighboring Country 2)


Noon, Day 3rd, 11 Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar. 

"What are you trying to say, Mikhail. Do you know what you are talking about?" 


Monday, January 29, 2018

Record of Wortenia War - v4-c3

Chapter 4 Episode 3


Noon, Day 3rd, 11th Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar. 

On that day, The Royal Palace at the royal capital city of Pireaus was filled with heavy air. 
The senior bureaucrats ran through the relevant department with a pale face, and the military leaders have been forced to attend meetings. The Knights were waiting in their predetermined dormitory without anyone dared to take an off-duty, they were ordered to prepare their weapons.