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Record of Wortenia War - v1-c16

Chapter 1 E 16 - (Rescue) 1

After Ryouma was summoned to a different world, three days have passed. 
The time right now is around noon. Ryouma was walking along the highway toward Aru. 
Today Ryouma was a little late at waking up, after taking breakfast, he had gone to the blacksmith store to take his weapon. 
(A thieves group huh... I hope we don't meet...) 

Ryouma then look back the time he went to the guild to receive quest before he takes the journey to Aru. 

"Now! For those who have experience and skills do try to take these request quest!" 

The young man and Giltz-san the man who's at the receptionist counter yesterday called people loudly in front of the bulletin board inside the guild. 
Ryouma then tried to get into the crowd and take a look at the paper hanging on the bulletin board. 

The formation of a unit party to subjugate thieves group the [Red Moon] that appear on the highway and villages between Aru and Melveren.

Total extermination of the [Red Moon group] 
Be sure to capture or kill everyone. 

The reward is 50.000 Baht for one of their member. 
There are eight members confirmed. 
However, other than the eight members, we decide that we will also pay 50.000 Baht if we acknowledge that they are a member of the group. 
As for the treasures that the thieves group held, it will be regarded as the subjugation party side income (you may have it) 
The achievement value clear point, an amount of 50 will be given to all member of the subjugation party. 

It shall be done within half a month after the settlement and formation of the subjugation party. 

Application Requirements: 
The person must possess ability not less than single F rank. 
A soldier or someone who deal with law enforcement (with any other name) will be approved. 

A mercenary experience (or even an adventurer with sufficient battle experience). 
The number of people needed: Six people.

Individuals who have the experience and expertise of Searching and Investigation ability (Adventurers, Soldiers, and Mercenaries are allowed as long as they have the stated experience) 
*Those who have a combat ability will be given priority. 
The number of people needed: Four people. 

Authorizer: Melveren Guild Branch chief Akrez Rekine. 


Ryouma then listen to people talking around him. 

"Oi, look at that 50.000 Baht for one! That would be 400.000 Baht for eight people! And also we can take their treasures as well!" 

"Uwaaah. The guild make a great splurge eh?" 

"I guess they can't help it, you know? Since Graez seems to have failed after all...  Even the guild have their own face and honor yeah?" 

"What!? 『The rock smasher』 Graez?!" 

"That's right. He seems to have to take down another thieves group instead." 

"Ha! Did the person goes to subjugate without doing investigating first?. How stupid... Well if its that person I guess it can't be helped! The person might be strong, but he lacks a brain." 

"Oi oi. If Graez heard you, your neck would roll, you know?" 

"Wups... My mouth slipped." 

The people in around his surrounding seem to be mercenaries and adventurers as well. 
(I guess Graez-san has a hard time huh. He does not look like a bad person though...) 
Ryouma went into the guild while listening to the men's heartless criticism. 

"I'm very sorry, but all the delivery request quest from Melveren to Aru have been suspended. There's also some urgent delivery quest and others; however, it was only for those who has single E rank or higher; thus I cannot introduce them to Mikoshiba-san." 

The woman who is at the reception desk told Ryouma and bowed her head. 

"Is it because of the thieves group in question?" 

"Indeed. Because of the previous failure, the guild lost its prestige... The feudal lord and garrisons guard also have been complaining... Ah! I-I'm sorry. Please forget what I had said just now." 

"No no, it's fine. Well with that being the case, is there something that I can accept?" 

"Hmm let see. There's three kind of subjugation quest for I rank, and also subjugation quests for H rank. That is what available." 

"If the rank of the person who receives the quest of I rank is higher, then the achievement value clear point will be 0 but the reward will be double, is that right?" 

"Yes. That exactly right." 

"Well, how about the time limit?" 

"There's no time limit for subjugation request quest bellow B rank, you know?" 

"Oh, is that so?" 

"Indeed. That's why, like this, it would be a lot better to receive subjugation bellow B rank, see?" 

"If that is the case, I would like to take all the subjugation quest that can be accepted by single H rank." 

"I understand. Then please take a look at these." 

She then presented a book. 

"This is?" 

"It contains the list of the target name of subjugation quest that can be taken by single H rank, the amount of reward, and also the place they made as habitat. 20 quests can be taken by single H rank. Since it would be hard to explain everything verbally, it is my job to gives this catalog for first time H rankers. Please read it carefully." 

"Haa... I understood." 

The only salvation from this is that it was not so thick. 
(Does everything has to changes so much just by one rank?) 

"Well then, since the quest will be registered to the personal card, the procedure ends here. Thank you very much." 

When the miss receptionist said so, he lowered his head. 
Ryouma then left the guild while carrying a book and a card handed over to him. 

Currently, it has been 2 hours since he left Melveren town. 
On the highway passed a very thick forest. 
It is not a problem to walk passing the road since the width can be used for three carriages to pass each other, however, when one's turn their eyes to the side, there are only thick trees. 
Since the high trees were blocking the sunlight, the road light is dim. 
Furthermore, there's also the threat of the thieves group. Even though this is a highway, no one walk pass it. 
And currently, only Mikoshiba Ryouma walking through it. 
(Oi oi... Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this...) 
A road that being surrounded by dark forest. It is a perfect place to lie down for an ambush. 
And naturally, it's also a good place for thieves to attack. 
(Well, I guess, it would be fine though...) 
Ryouma decided to go to Aru because he constantly reminded by the pursuers. 
He wants to cross the border as soon as possible. 
However, such expectation crumbled away due to a scream coming from a woman. 


"Shut up! Be quiet bitch!" 

"No!! Let me go!" 

"Behave yourself!" 

Just right at the place where the road turns a sharp right. Ryoma's eyes cannot see what had happened. 
Ryouma began to run toward the voice. Then, when he arrived at the big trees at the corner, he stopped and peeped through the trees. 
There is a carriage that being attacked by several men, and also there are two girls. 

"Kukuku, Today as well, it's a great catch. Oi, It seems like luck have been on our side lately, doesn't it?" 

"Agreed. Yesterday we also got a lot from the villages." 

"Their woman also not so bad for a rural village. In the first place, we don't get any turn at all..." 

"Well, that can be helped... The price to sell them will be quite high if they are not yet being violated." 

"I also already get tired of only enjoying a middle-aged woman, you know? And I guess, young ones has finally come by..." 

He pointed to the girls that his company catch. 

"Hahaha. Time to enjoy!" 

"Oi! Don't put your hands on products. We would get killed by the boss, you know?" 

A man holding a blonde girl told his comrade. 

"But you know. This is a very high-quality goods, see?" 

A man holding a silver girl retorted. 

"Do you think so too? And also. Aren't goods from this carriages enough for our quotas?" 

A man who appeared from inside the carriage uttered such words. 
And then voices of approvals can be heard from here and there. 
Suppressing them isn't effective due to the girls' beauty that is in front of them. 

"If you touch us, we will bite our tongue!" 

Being unable to listen to the men's words, the silver-haired girl yelled. 
However, those men's only smiled at them. 

"Ha! We know you guys are slaves and due to the collar, you won't be able to commit suicide nor resist us!" 

The girls face grew pale. 
They did not think that the thieves would know about it. 
As the man says, the collar has the power to obstructs their behavior. 
Suicide and rebelled are things that slaves not allowed to do. 

"But still, well, just in case. Oi, its fine to do them while still wearing the clothes." 

"S-Stop. Let me go!" 

The girl desperately tried to free herself from the men's hands, however, due to the difference in strength she's unable to do so. 

"Oi! If you don't behave yourselves, I won't be responsible if something were to happen to the other girl, see?" 

The silver hair girl who resisted got quiet immediately after seeing the other girl has a sword on her neck. 

"But still, your master is really cruel isn't it? To think that he escape and save only his own self while leaving you both." 

A man who made the threat to the silver girl began ridiculing her. 

"Gates yo~. Isn't that obvious? After all, he had his life being targeted by the [Red Moon group], you know?" 

"True that!" 

A man called Gate raise a laughter. 

"Oi! Look at this. With this getting five million Bahts would be easy!" 

A man wearing a hood said while carrying an item. 

"Uoooh. I can't believe it. There's really five million baht..." 

"Is this all gold coins?" 

Other than boxes full of items such as miscellaneous goods, costumes, jewelry items, there is one box filled with coins. 
Almost all the inside are gold coins. Seeing that, the men's faces become indecent. 

"Hei, with this much loots, there won't be a problem if we get the girls don't you think?" 

"Oi. I think so too... Jewelry and Gold coins. There are a lot of it. I won't even mind if I get to do it last." 

"But, if the boss were to find out..." 

To the man who shows a worried expression, Gates declared with distorted smiles on his face, 

"What are you saying. Would it be okay if we can deal with both of them after we violate them? Besides, no one knows that there are girls among the spoils except us, see?" 

Hearing Gates words, disgusting laughter come out from the men's mouth. 

(One, the, there... seven people huh?) 

The men are 10 meters from the trees. 
The men's clothing is not so different compared to mercenaries or adventurer that he was at the guild. They wear armors and weapons. 
However, when it come to their face, only one word can describe them, and that is predators. 
Hurting, Killing, Steal, and Rape. 
They also have the confidence that they are strong people. On their face, there looks like a shadow. 
(Such ugly appearance...) 
In his sixteen years of life, Ryouma had never seen such ugly distorted face such as these. 
(What should I do? Should I help them?... but, It would cause me a lot of trouble to involve myself here...) 
Ryouma hesitated. 
(Whether or not I help those girls, there might not be anything bad happen. However, Something might happen... If I were to help them, I have to kill all of them, if there is just one person manage to escape, the person might come back with reinforcement. Can I do this? With this distance, I have no countermeasures if the girls were being used as a shield.) 

A reason to help. And a reason to not help. His own personal security. His own justice. The empire pursuers. Several elements appear on his mind. 
Then toward the brooding Ryouma, Gates vulgar words entered his ears. 
Anger and murderous intent appear on Ryouma face. 
(What am I worrying about. Is there even a reason to let these people alive?) 
Such honest feeling. 
(Is it alright for me to let these guys do as they please and return to my previous world? Can I live with that?) 
He who had been summoned to this world forcibly, want to go back to his world by all means necessary. 
If he can return to his world in exchange of the entire population of this country, he thinks he would make the trade. 
However, even so, letting girls in front of his eyes getting raped and killed while staying silent, he thought that he wouldn't be satisfied. 
(Both my hands have already stained with blood. And I do not believe that it is bad in particular. getting dragged into this world forcibly, the lives of those who fight against me to the death feels like garbage to me. If there were people who are going to criticize me when I return, I could confidently say, "I killed them out of necessity!" , However, if I were to leave these girls, will I be able to say the same? That would be impossible! I don't care about others, but I definitely won't be able to forgive myself for it.) 
Ryouma who can be ruthless and cold, actually by nature, a good person. 
Your ordinary man with common sense and a normal sense of justice. 
The only difference between him and the general public would be his resolution. 
Being resolute to kill his opponent and see through his justice, that might be the only difference. 
Ryouma then grabs the chakrams from the bag and sneaked inside the forest to make a surprise attack. 
Due to the sheer number of people, if the surprise attack fails, it would be disadvantageous for him. And furthermore, he did not hide his face this time. 
If one were to manage to escape, reinforcement might come and try to take revenge. 
(I guess it can't be helped, to raise the probability for this to success... let me apologize beforehand) 

Ryouma apologize to them in his mind.
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Record of Wortenia War - v1-c15

CHAPTER 1 E 15 - (Readiness)

Night at the Malvern Town. 
Ryouma had finished his hunt and arrived in his first destination Melveren. 
The time has already past 7:00 in the night. 
The distance between the imperial capital and Melveren town is 3 hours on foot. 
If one were to answer it with range unit that would be around 11km. 
However, due to Ryouma had to do some hunting, his arrival time has become like this. 

"Fuu, At least I've arrived." 

As expected, having no acquaintance is lonely. 
Only able to talk toward his self. 
Even though only one day had passed, having him getting teleported from the world where he born and raised in, to another world, even for Ryouma, he can feel the loneliness.

(Is it about 100km from here to the border?)

If he were to mount a horse, it would take him 4 hours, however, on foot assuming he walked 3-4km per hour, and 10 hours of walk each day, that would take him 3-4 days, it will take him 7-8 days if he took his time. 
Ryouma backpack is filled with materials gathered from hunting. 
(First, I should go and report...) 
Ryouma enduring the feeling of hunger, he keeps walking toward the guild with heavy weight on his back. 

"Please handle this." 

"Certainly. Please wait for a minute to allow us to confirm it. It seems like everything is good. The seal does not seem to come off." 

The miss receptionist examined the letter handed by Ryouma from both sides for any damage. 

"This is good. There's no problem. Thus I will add 5 achievement point. Did you also finish the subjugation request in one go as well? Just what exactly did you do?" 

"Yes. Please do take care of it as well." 

Ryouma nodded. 

"Certainly. Err... the number of stray dogs Wild Dog subjugation is 54, the number of the field bee Wild Be subjugation is 94, the number of the hare Wild Rabbit subjugation is 22. ... Thank you very much. You have hunted quite a good number"<TLN: The wild dog, wild be, and wild rabbit, were written in Japanese first then in English... thus this is not me repeating a name.> 

"Indeed. Thanks to this, I lose the sharpness of my sword which I just bought yesterday due to blood and fat... I want to sharpen it again immediately." 

A surprised expression appears on miss receptionist face due to Ryouma nonchalant remark.

(This person. Did he hunt this with that swords, and in a day to boot? I thought he was using an annihilation magic to do this... this is not the usual strength of an adventurer with the level of a single I) 

Based on the card request record [all request was taken yesterday which show the same date.] 
Ryouma did not notice her gaze and keep continue. 

"Is there a blacksmith in this town who I can ask to polish this?" 

"Emm... after you left the guild head straight to the main street, then turn left..." 

"Is that so. I will go there later then. By the way, is everything done?" 

Being questioned by Ryouma, she remembered once again about her work. 

"Ah! I-I'm very sorry. The reward is 162 baht from the number of subjugation of stray dog Wilde dog 54 x 3., then 273 baht from the number of subjugation of field bee Wild Be 91x3. Next is 66 baht from the number of subjugation of hare Wild Rabbit 22 x 3. The total is 501 baht. Since the achievement value is equal to the number of the subjugated monsters, the achievement point reward is 167 points. Congratulation. Mikoshiba-san. You've been promoted to double I rank." 

(I was registered yesterday, and already ranked up huh?) 
To be honest, Ryouma wasn't very happy about it. 
Because he does not have any hard time with it, thus it was natural for him to have such impression. 

"You don't seem to be happy about it, aren't you?" 

His emotion was reflection on his expression. Ryouma then answered the question of Miss reception frankly. 

"It's not like what you think, it's just, to be honest, I don't feel much trouble, that's why..." 

"I guess so... Something like this usually it separated into 2 patterns. If one were to train before the registration, often they ranked up to G rank within a week." 

"Is that how it is?" 

"Indeed. On the contrary, it's a turning point for a total amateur whether or not they would rank up to double I rank." 

"Fuun. I see..." 

However, Ryouma did not know that most beginners failed when they fight 1 VS a group. 
And many monsters which in the forest live in a group. 
When one were to hunt, then it's naturally that they absolutely avoid group fight. 
Because of that, the guild recommended to form a party; however, not everyone was able to form a party. 
Due to the difference in ability, or their thought does not match each other, and other various reason which then make them leaving taking a quest alone, a lot of them are like that. 
And the person who has the highest difficulty to enter a unit party is the beginner people. 
The beginner who does not receive any training before registration, in particular, are disliked by many. The reason for that is because the weak beginner will jeopardize even the experienced one in the battle of life and death. 
That's why many beginners right after registering in the guild, apart from those who's fortunate enough to form a unit party with fellow beginner, will go taking a quest alone. 
And the problem for that is the thing that had been said earlier, 'many monsters in the forest live in a group.' 
Even if a monster that inexperienced person can kill in one-on-one battle when they appear in a group, the story will be different. 
One must be cautious with their surrounding. 
Hence most beginner will search for a stray monster who act alone. 
However, a monster who get separated and straying from the group is very low. And if one were lucky they can found 2-3 of them after crawling in the forest for the entire day. 
Thus, the reason why the miss receptionist said two patterns. 
Those who can only fight one-on-one will have to search in the forest desperately, and those who can fight against a group like Ryouma can rank up within days. 
By the way, one can rank up with just by delivery quest; however, this is not recommended. 
Because what awaits will be death if one were to rank up without the actual fighting power experience. 

"By the way Mikoshiba-san, did you saved a lot of skins and fangs from the subjugation this time?" 

"Indeed. It took me a while to dismantle it. I'm about to bring it to the magic shop, Magic Item Shop after this." 

"If that is the case, then why did you not take any procurement request beforehand?" 

"Procurement is it?" 

Ryouma looked puzzled for her unexpected words. 

"Indeed. Although the price would decrease compared to bringing it directly to the magic item shop, it is better since you would also rank up from it, you know?" 

"Hee, is that how it is?" 

Ryouma took interest to her words. He's a man that loves self-benefits. 

"Yes. Do you know about the ability to take a quest in the same rank or lower than your own rank?" 

He already heard it during the registration  

"Well yes, what about it?" 

"The truth is, if you receive a request one rank bellow your own, while the achievement value clear point becomes 0, the reward is doubled, you see." 

This is new information. Something that not being mentioned inside the 『Guild beginner guidance』 book. 


"Thus those who have a good skill are steadily increasing their rank, and get some profits by taking quest bellow their own rank." 

"I see now!" 

(If that is the case, getting a rank up is not bad at all. Should I put more effort in it?) 

"I understand. The information desk is on the first floor right? 

"Yes. It's in front of the stairs after you go up." 

Ryouma then bowed his head and immediately go upstairs. 

"Hello. Do you wish to get procurement request quest?" 

"Yes. I would like all request which the material can be acquired by the subjugation of Wild Dog, Wild Be, and Wild Rabbit please." 

The young man receptionist then explains the requested quest in sequence by hand. 

"Hmm. For each material, Wild Dog's Fang is 2 baht, Wild dog's Skins is 5 baht, The poisonous needle of the Wild Be is 2 baht, Wild Be's feather is 5 baht, Hound of Wild Rabbit ears 1 baht, and the skin of Wild Rabbit is 5 baht. Achievement point value is 1 point for each delivery of goods. As for the time limit, there's none. And if you deliver the goods at the delivery counter, then the quest will finish." 

"Please all of them." 

"Understood. Thank you very much." 

After leaving the receptionist counter, Ryouma returned to the underground delivery counter. 

"Did you receive the request?" 

"Yes. I've received all of them." 

When Ryouma said so, the miss receptionist shows a troubled face. 

"Eh? You take all of them?" 

"Yes? Was it bad?" 

"No. But, If Mikoshiba-san were to deliver all of the material and ranked up to single H rank, the achievement value clear point would remain you know?" 

Hearing that, Ryouma noticed. 
If I were to rank up to single H rank, the achievement value clear point would become 0. 
If one can't get achievement value clear points rather than delivering the goods to the guild, it would be more profitable to sell it at the magic item shop directly. <TLN: Oh now I see, a bit confusing, in short, he have too much item rather than the need to rank up, when he rank up to single H, his leftover item won't yield him EXP nor extra cash/double reward> 

(Well whatever... I'm already starving, and there's a little time left... after I go to the blacksmith to sharpen my sword, and search for an inn to eat, by then it would be already 22 o'clock.) 
The clock hanging on the guild wall is already pointed at 20 o'clock. 

"This time is fine. I will deliver all of them here." 

Although canceling the quest is possible, but by doing so, it would make the achievement value clear point will come down; thus this turn out a little bit complex. 
If he were to make several adjustments he might be able to earn the achievement value clear point without wasting any; however, he can't win against his hunger. 

"I understood. Then please put the delivery goods here. " 

Ryouma then opened his backpack and spread the goods on the counter. 

"Don't joke with me!" 

An angry voice of a man can be heard from the first-floor receptionist counter desk. 

"We risked our lives to complete the requested quest! And yet what do you mean there's no money?!" 

Ryouma then finished his procurement request quest and ranked up to single H rank. 
At the time Ryouma is about to go and find a place to eat, on the first floor he saw the man. 
A man wearing iron armors with his long hair being tied behind, raise his voice. The one who keep him company is the young man who process Ryouma request quest earlier, and also a middle aged man. 

"As I inform you just now! Since the subjugation target is wrong I cannot gives you the reward, and since the quest period is already expired, I want you to pay the penalty cost!" 

The young man who looks weak talk back to the big man with a resolute attitude. 

"What are you saying! I search it desperately and finally found it you know!?" 

"Graez-san, As I said before! It is unfortunate, but you have to check properly beforehand!" 

The middle-aged man answered as such. 

"You bastard! you're just a guard!" 

The young man is swaying his head. 

"Graez-san. As a mercenary, you have a very high reputation. However, your competence as an adventurer seems not to be good. This time you were able to receive the subjugation request quest of [Red Moon Group]. Because of inadequate investigation and lack of search, you accidentally subjugated thieves who you happen to see." 

The young man then turns his gaze to the middle-aged man. 

"Giltz-san also have warned you that you should have searched and investigated it more carefully. There's no doubt that Graez-san had suppressed another thief instead. Information had arrived that a village was attacked by [Red Moon group] a while ago and they kidnaped several young daughters." 

The young man gaze looks straight at Graez. 

"Of course I won't say that all of this happen because of Graez-san. However, had you do it properly then this damage probably won't happen! Do you still dissatisfied by the guild respond in this regard?" 

His words stabbed like a knife. 
Graez who get yelled like that dropped his shoulders. He seems to be not so stupid. 
He appears to realize that there's some fault. 

"Khu... Sorry... I understand... I will pay the penalty cost." 

The young man expression also relaxed here. 

"I'm sorry. Graez-san. I've said too much. I beg your pardon." 

The young man lowered his head toward Graez. 

"I'm the one who's wrong. I'm sorry... I receive it due to the lower rank quest but, I guess a mercenary trying to mimic adventurer is impossible huh, please deduct the penalty cost from my account." 

After saying that, Graez leave the guild while dropping his shoulders. 

(A request quest which takes other's life huh?) 

This incident that occurred by chance gave a strong shock to Ryouma heart. 
Ryouma realize his own naivety. 
He thought a requested quest is similar to an event in the impractical game somewhere. 
That's why he easily thought about canceling the requested quest earlier. 
Noticing Ryouma's gaze, the young man came near him. 

"Mikoshiba-san. Is there something wrong?" 

"Ah, no, I just finished the procurement request quest today, and about to get some rest at the inn, I'm planning to take another quest tomorrow." 

Ryouma returned the words while feeling overwhelmed by the young man who quickly shows a smiling expression from the grim expression a while ago. 

"I see. Thus you saw the scene earlier. Were you surprised?" 

"Well, yes... Just like you said." 

"There are unexpectedly many you know? Something like that..." 

The young man expression turns cloudy. 

"A request quest unfulfilled is it?" 

"Yes. When one were unable to grasp their own quality and experience themselves, they will end up like Graez-san just now. That person is a very skilled mercenary. Thus there's nothing wrong with the battle capability. However, he's not good with an investigation, search, and hunting. Although there's also a consideration to form a unit party with another adventurer person." 

"I see. If one is unable to do it by themselves, just invite another person who can, is that it?" 

The young man expression loosened after listening to Ryouma's answer. 

"Fufufu. You're a smart and honest person, aren't you? Please do your best in the future alright?" 

"Sure. Thank you very much." 

The young man tried to leave the place while smiling at Ryouma, but then stopped his feet as he thought of something and looked back. 

"Aah! Right... About the story of [red mood group] a while ago, they seem to make their operation location on the highway and village between Aru and Melvaren. Please do be careful if you go to that area." 

Ryouma gazing at the back of the young man while brooding over. 
(There thieves in the direction of Aru he said...) 
Aru area... It is one of the towns along the highway from the imperial capital to the eastern border, the name of the town which Ryouma had set as his next destination. 

"This is not good! It would be cheaper for you to buy a newer one, you know?" 

After Ryouma had handed over the sword to the blacksmith for sharpening, the blacksmith man asserted as such. 

"I guess it's impossible huh?" 

"Yes. To Begin with, how did you use this one? The blade has been completely rolled up, you know? If it's like this, then it's no different than a stick!" 

(This is bad... to think that I broke it on my first day of using it...) 

Ryouma is definitely someone who is accustomed to handling blade more than normal human being. 
However, he has not much experience to cut meat with a blade in his daily life. 

"Err... I used it for hunting but..." 

"This blade have been clothed with blood and fat to the point of like this. When the last time you maintain this sword?" 

"Emm, I just use it today. That is something I bought yesterday..." 

The blacksmith old man glared at Ryouma. 

"Don't be stupid. Cutting ten or twenties won't make it end up like this, you know? It would need more than 100..." 

However, the blacksmith old man realizes after seeing Ryouma face. 

"This is... not a joke?" 


"There's nothing wrong with the sword, and it has a superior quality, you know? but this house is more specialized on casting see?" 

Ryouma has already know that since the moment he entered the room. 

"Well, the swords in itself is good. Can I have a reasonable one, please? And also, can you sharpen this one as well?" 

Ryouma then handed over ten pieces of chakram that were clothed with blood and fat. 

"What the heck is this? Is this a bladed tool as well?" 

"The edge of the ring is the blade." 

He guesses that the blacksmith saw it for the first time. The blacksmith seems to be interested and picks up the wheel chakram. 

"Well this is not so bad... what time should I finish the job?" 

"Before tomorrow morning if possible." 

"Hmm, let see, I guess it would take one hour; thus I might finish before 10 o'clock tomorrow, if you're fine with it?" 

(10 o'clock huh? Well, I will relax a bit at the inn and go to the guild after that I will just come here I guess?...) 

"I understand. Please do so. How much was it?" 

"Well looking at it... including with buying a sword, how about 400 Baht?" 

That amount is not a problem for Ryouma who earned 2000 Baht today from subjugation quest and procurement quest. 

(I guess this is because the casted sword is cheaper compared to the sword I bought at the imperial capital huh?) 

"Understood. I will come back tomorrow at 10 o'clock then." 

He paid half of the sums and left the blacksmith shop. 
(First of all, I need some food...) 
Feeling hungry, Ryouma vanished into the town of Melveren. 

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Record of Wortenia War - v1-c14

TLN: I'm Fully BACK, university life is hell, expect me posting all the delayed chapter within this month.

Chapter 1 E 14 - (Pursuers)

"Everyone, Due to the disturbance last time, a new order had been made!" <Rolph>

Mid-day, during an intense sunlight, Rolph loud voice can be heard from the square in front of the castle gate. 

"Sardina-sama, Seria-dono, Orlando-dono, and also this me, the commander, each of us will be allocated 30-40 person, and then we will divide, then search toward east and south border, the formation will be notified beforehand. Also, as everyone already knows, the culprit is someone from another world who had killed Gaies-sama. Thus, everyone should be exerting maximum caution. Well then, begin the preparation to move!" <Rolph> 

While the soldiers are being organized, Rolph remembered what had happened last night. 


After Mikoshiba Ryouma snake out from the castle gate. 
Seria, Rolph, Orlando, Sardina, the four people are given the task to pursue him from the afternoon till night. 
However, they could not find anyone wearing the castle guard armor who left the castle. 

"What's going on?!" <Seria>

Celia's angry voice roared in front of the castle gate of the imperial capital Ortomea. 
The reason for her being like that is because, the imperial guard soldiers who had been scattered to all direction, have returned without any result. 
No one is able to catch anyone; thus they all bow their head uniformly. 
After all, the only clue they currently possess is that the person left the castle gate at 2 o'clock in the afternoon while wearing guard's armor. 
The time it took for Seria and the others to get permission and organize the soldiers is 20 minutes. 
Since then, it took them 10 hours to search until midnight, which bore no fruit. 

"Calm down. Seria-dono." <Sardina>

"Sardina-sama..." <Seria>

Seria then toned down her voice. 

"Let's end this for today, after all; everyone already looks tired..." <Sardina> 

Sardina's eyes looked around. 
No soldier blatantly said it, but, expression of accumulated fatigue can be seen from them. 

"However... If the situation continues like this then..." <Seria>

Seria tried to protest; however, Sardina does not back down. 

"Even though we only do it around the imperial capital, it is dangerous if we do it in the middle of the night. We should reconsider other measures, and then start over tomorrow." <Sardina>

"Indeed. Just like Sardina-sama had said. We should end the work here for now. How about it? Seria-dono." <Rolph>

If Rolph said that, then there's no other words Seria can say. 
It's just on her part that she is unable to accept that the criminal who murdered her blood relative still run at large. 

"Orlando-dono, please escort Seria-dono to her mansion. Gaies-sama had just passed away, and Seria-sama also just experienced her tough day as well." <Rolph>

"No. I can go home alone!" <Seria> 

Seria refused Rolph concern. 
However, in the eyes of the surrounding people, they all realize that she's just bluffing. 

"You should not overdo it you know, Seria-dono? Orlando-dono, please take care of Seria-dono." <Sardina>

"Understood!... Come Seria-dono..." <Orlando> 

Orlando immediately responded to Sardina's words; he then tried to hold Seria. 

"Orlando! Let go of me! I can return alone!" <Seria>

However, just when she pull her hand, Seria lost her balance and fell then collapsed. 
Of course, that can be understood. 
After all, she has been searching around for more than 10 hours without taking any break. 
In the end, Orlando carried Seria back to her mansion. 

"Sardina-sama. What do you think about all of this?" <Rolph>

"Well no matter what anyone says, I guess this is impossible..." <Sardina>

Toward Rolph question, Sardina immediately gives him her answer. 

"As expected, it's impossible huh..." <Rolph>

"The game of chasing is only valid in the first 10 minutes after the culprit left the castle gate." <Sardina>

"Still... even with everything being organized, this is considerably impossible to do." <Rolph>

Hearing Sardina's words, Rolph who took command shows bitter expression. 
He can pridefully say he did his best, however, being unable to catch the criminals makes all the effort meaningless. 

"I know. That's why I did not blame you particularly. Rolph-dono." <Sardina>

Sardina then moves her gaze toward the forest. 

"In the first place, I was already feeling doubtful that we will be able to arrest the person inside the imperial capital. His face and age are also unknown you know? It would be still possible if he were to loiter around wearing the imperial guard armors...." <Sardina>

"Does that mean he's no longer wearing the imperial guard armor?" <Rolph>

"There's that possibility..." <Sardina>

Sardina nodded answering Rolph question. 
(If it were me, I would immediately change my clothes... after all, that what the pursuers will chase as well.) <Sardina> 

"So then, what shall we do after this?" <Sardina> 

"I guess the only way is for us to blockade the border..." <Rolph>

Sardina shakes her head in disapproval. 

"We will advance toward the border while searching as well. " <Sardina>

"But... Which border should we go?" <Rolph> 

Rolph concern is of course understandable. 
For starter, Ortomea Empire is vast; it can be considered among five best countries in the continent. 
However, because this country is landlocked, and being the aggressor to boot, all the nation in the surrounding are hostile. 
This time we can organize search party around 150 people, this is because there are soldiers who have been stationed on the border defending against the neighboring countries, and we can't mobilize large Imperial Guard army because their primary duty is to protect the emperor and for grand mobilization. 
The face and age of the target also unknown; thus the military man Rolph cannot propose human wave tactic. 

"For now I can narrow down to two choices." 

Rolph looked at Sardina with a surprised expression. 

"Two choices you say? Does Sardina-sama mean the east or south?" 

The distance between imperial capital and the borders appeared on Rolph's mind. 
Since she said two choices, then it is natural to think about the closest border which is the southern one, and the next closest to that, the eastern border. 

"Indeed. However, it would be probably the east." 

"May I ask you the reason?' 

Sardina then responded with a smile. 

"If I have to say it then, it's just my intuition. However, I think it will hardly immediately happen." 

Sardina then turned to Rolph and said, 

"After all the person is someone who manages to escape from the castle and shake off our pursuit." 

"Is that mean, Sardina-sama thought that the Otherworld person knows the geography...?" 

Rolph expression while saying that were as if saying that's impossible. 

"That's one of the possibility..." 

"But then, if that's the case then why not chose the closest one? If it were me, I won't chose the eastern one?" 

At least for Rolph, if it were him, he would choose the shortest route. 
Since one's life is in danger, of course, the person would want to escape to overseas as soon as possible. 
There's no reason to choose the further route intentionally. 
That is what Rolph had thought. 

"Indeed. If the purpose were only to escapes, then the south would be better. However, that would be easy for us to predict then." 

"Since the person thought we predict that he choose the east? It can't be. Even with that, it's a bit..." 

A troubled expression shows on Sardina's face. 

"Rolph. I also don't want to give a needless fear. However, so far it went over our head you know? If I were to make light of my opponent here, the person might escape outside the country." 

Rolph then replied while in thought. 

"Indeed... However, I'm unable to abandon the south either..." 

He judged realistically. 
He thought that even though it has a defect, it also has an advantage as well. 

"I understand what you're getting at. Since it was my intuition that told me to head east... Seria-dono, Rolph-dono, and Orlando dono the three of you shall head south while I will head east." 

"Indeed, that way will be for the best... however, why not divide it two south two east.?" 

His suggestion is reasonable. 
Usually, they should divide the unit in half. 
However, Sardina shakes her head toward Rolph suggestion. 

"No, after all the East is only because of my intuition. Besides, I'm worried whether Orlando will be able to suppress Seria... Either way, I also already have an excelled deputy here. Thus I should be fine..." 

Rolph then remembered how Seria the "snowstorm Princess" went frenzy shouting and rushing around. 
(Certainly... as Her Highness said, if it's only Orlando-dono, he might be unable to suppress the unstable Seria-dono... Well, besides, that guy is with her; thus Her Highness won't end up in danger) 
After listening to Sardina words, Rolph immediately concluded. 
In his mind, the figure of the deputy leader that Sardina claimed to be excelled appear. 

"I understood. Then we will organize the unit according to that plan." 

"I leave it to you then. Rolph-dono." 

After Rolph had lowered his head, he encouraged his tired body to move and re-organized the unit all-nighter. 
For the sake of catching just one otherworlder. 

"Rolph-sama! the soldiers have finished their preparation and ready to move immediately. " 

One of his adjutants came for a report. 

"Sardina-sama. Shall we go then?" 

Toward Rolph words, Sardina pointed her sword forward. 


Toward Rolph order, the 150 cavalries then started moving. 
Chasing after otherworld person shadow that they can't even see. 

The Vanguard are Sardina with her deputy leader Saitou running side by side. 

"Her Highness Princess. I've ordered to the closing of Adelpho's checkpoint as per your order." 

"I see. Thank you for the hard work. That was quick of you." 

That was the order she gave to him yesterday afternoon. 
Even if he do it by changing horse, that was quite the considerable speed. 
Listening to Saitou report, Sardina gave a satisfied expression. 

"Are you going to arrest him at Adelpho town?" 

Saitou age is approximately 30 years of age. 
His hair parted sideway with ratio 7:3, His appearance is like that of an Elite salaryman. 
If he were to wear glasses and business suit, then walked in the business district, he would be able to blend immediately. 
Sardina smile mischievously toward the man who is putting up an intellectual atmosphere, and asked a question, 

"Oh my? Did I say such a thing?" 

"No. That's why I asked Her Highness, the imperial princess." 

Due to the answer did not go along her expectation, Sardina asked a question once again with displeased face. 

"Then I will ask in return. O my excellent staff officer-san. Do you think that we could catch the otherworld person at the town of Adelpho?" 

"No. Fist of all, that would be impossible." 

Saitou answered plainly. 
This time, Sardina seems to be satisfied by the answer. 
She asked back a question with a little laughter. 

"Oh my? I wonder why is that?" 

"How are you going to look for a man whom you don't even know the face? Or is there any particular clue?" 

That was the first problem. 
What they only know about the otherworld person is that he's a man with a tall physique and a merciless mind. 
Just that. 
With that description, within the empire, there are a lot of man like that. 
Not only the empire but also within the western continent. 
Last night the pursuit were chasing with the premise that he's wearing Imperial Guard armor, however, they were still unable to capture him 

"I guess so... Fufufu. After all, you don't know the person you are looking for ne~." 

Toward Sardina smile, Saitou narrowed his eyes. 

"If that is the case then, what are we going to do?" 

"It's fine. Since we don't know the face. I have no choice but to make the opponent say that he is the criminal, no?" 

Hearing Sardina words, sharp light appear on Saitou eyes. 
It is the proof that the intention of his master has been transmitted to him. 

"I see. Is that why we closed Adelpho checking station?" 

"That's right. In the first place, the human resource we can use is limited; thus I can't expect much from it." 

"How about we mobilize Adelpho's garrison?" 

Toward Saitou suggestion, Sardina shook her head. 

"That's impossible. If we move the garrison at the national border, it would only make Zalda invade us. And we can't ask the noble either ne~." 

"I guess so... If this were to leak to the other noble, it might incite them to make rebellion after all." 

Sardina imagined the case where this case getting leaked to the neighboring countries and the imperial nobles. 

"Even if it were to be announced sooner or later, right now, it would be bad.  Thus the means that I choose is where we won't make too much move... even though it's disadvantageous." 

Toward Sardina's explanation, Saitou nodded silently. 

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