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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Record of Wortenia War - v3-c29

Chapter 3 Episode 29



Night time, Day 18th, 4th Month, the Year 2813, Western continent calendar.

"A room for negotiation huh...?"

Andre murmured those words while stroking his beard.
For him, as a former merchant, Henry's words seemed to be feasible enough.
It was not possible for them to became military force such as the navy, or engage in trade as escort for a merchant ship. -
The problem was whether or not Mikoshiba Ryouma had such interest.
Ryouma had to keep in mind that pirates were an occupation that was hated by the general public if he wanted to employ them.
It would have been impossible for negotiation if the other side were concerned regarding justice.
Whether or not Ryouma had the capacity to accept the good and evil...
Such thought appeared inside Andre's mind.

Record of Wortenia War - v3-c28

Chapter 3 Episode 28


"I see... So you come back nonchalantly just like that?"

Saying that, the woman gulped the alcohol from the beer mug.
She had blonde hair that had been exposed to the salt breeze. She was not ugly but her face can be considered as mediocre. She had a small breast on her chest, making her charm as a woman quite lacking.
However, despite being like that, no man would go against her in this town.
She had survived in the world dominated by men. She possessed sharp eyes and intimidating aura around her.
And her name is Luida
Just like Henry, she had nickname circulated among the people of the town, and that nickname was 'Sea Snake'.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Record of Wortenia War - v3-c27

Chapter 3 Epiosde 27


A sailing ship quietly anchored.
The ship was a fast ship which had three masts on it. Though right now all the sails were folded and the ship quietly waited for the captain's command.
It had an ordinary appearance. It was a western-style ship.
The total length of the ship was 30 meters. As a type, it was close to that of Galleon ship. It resembled the ships that were being built frequently during the era of the great voyage.
The only difference between this world ship and the Earth ship was that this ship did not have any firearms such as cannons.
Perhaps, the existence of gunpowder was not common.

Record of Wortenia War - v3-c26

Chapter 3 Episode 26



Day 15, 4th Month, the Year 2813: (One's line of sight)

"Oi... I think my eyes have a problem..."

The man took off the telescope from his eyes. He then closed his eyes and rubbed his eyelids with his hand many times.
His hair which had been exposed by the sea breeze changed into light brown, and his skin was burning red due to the strong sunlight. He had the look of a skilled sailor.
Then a man with the similar feature can be seen holding the ship's steering wheel.
If one were to stand beside them, the strong smell would enter one's nose. Such smell was the result of a long time spent in the sea.
Together with the smell of the sea, the smell of iron and blood also emanated from their body. It was a testimony that these two people were not ordinary seafarers.

"No, I also saw the same thing with my eyes... Right now I started to doubt my sanity..."

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Record of Wortenia War - v3-c25

Chapter 3 Episode 25


Day 28th, 2nd Month, the Year 2813, western continent calendar: (Wortenia peninsula 4)

"You, you held some grudge, am I right?"

Kevin's expression was very serious that it could not be seen as a joke.

Record of Wortenia War - v3-c24

Chapter 3 Episode 24


Night time, Day 28th, 2nd Months, the Year 2813: (Wortenia Peninsula 3)

"We manage to come this far as scheduled huh? Finally tomorrow..."

Everyone sitting around Ryouma nodded their head with a strong spirit.
On their face, a fearless smile appeared.
Their territory. Their country.
Apart from longing for such things, within them, there was also an absolute self-confidence that they had been able to survive inside the dangerous territory.

Record of Wortenia War - v3-c23

Chapter 3 Episode 23


Day 25th, 2th Months, the Year 2813, Western Continent Calendar: (Wortenia Peninsula 2)


A woman with red hair shouted out loudly while straddling her horse at the front of the army. And she raised her spear high.
Following her voice, a group of about 300 people goes through the north gate of Epiroz city and headed toward the Wortenia Peninsula.
It was a very solemn and magnificent sight.
Merchants and commoners who walked through by the streets would stopped their feet silently as they watched the army to passed by.
No one opened their mouth.
Rather than wanted to cheer, they felt like being pressured by such sight.